Two Conservative Dems Defy Voters, Cross Over to Give Republicans Control of the State Senate


Fuck those guys. I hope those guys get sent to the unemployment line in the next election, not that their little stunt won't do enough damage. Traitorous fucks.
Rodney Tom is dead meat. It's only a matter of how.

Tim Sheldon is a much tougher gent to remove - he's in a fairly conservative legislative district.

Are they still members of the Democratic Party? If so, can they be expelled from the Party?
How do we start a recall? Can we?
Ro_ney Tom gives me the creeps! Litzow is icky, too. Pity upon those dependent on state government with those two in leadership! Michigan & Wisconsin, here we come!
The only people who elect their representatives on the expectation that they vote on strictly party lines are zealots like yourself.
Tom's takeover is bad news for public education in our state. He helped cut $2.5 billion in K-12 funding, and instead of following the Constitution and amply funding our schools, he blames teachers.
We aren't headed towards Wisconsin or Michigan, I suspect, but two more years of stalemate are very likely, given the Democrats own the state house and most of the offices of the state executive.
Pure desperation orchestrated by background national interests. Follow the money.
@ 6, It's one thing to vote like a conservative, but there's really no sense in calling yourself a Democrat if you won't caucus with the Democrats. Belonging to a club should mean playing by the club's rules. You can argue about whether that's the best way to govern, but you can't argue that these guys are being purely honest, or concerned with their constituents more than their own careers.
Kick them out, let the Republicans come up with their partisan budget in the Senate, the Dems in the House, reconcile them in the inevitable Special Session.
Not really defying any of the voters if the voters knew they were conservative democrats to begin with. Not everyone votes for a person just because they have a D or R next to their name. If you dont like it, vote them out of office you live in their district, dont get upset because of the way Democracy works.
@12 - So you're saying that voters were fully aware they were going to caucus with the Republicans?
I'll be sending money to whoever runs against them in the 2014 Democratic primary.

Social Moderates.

Fiscal Conservatives.

This is the New Face of Washington.

People who are talented, achieving and productive...who respect each others preferences, likes and dislikes.

But all of whom realize that outrageous state spending is not an answer to individual problems or liberties.

This is the real coalition that the crooks fear.

Don't mess with the 2/3rds.

If Tom wanted to be independent, he should have run as one. He ran as a Dem, took their money and is now thumbing his nose at them. If he thinks the Reps are going to include him in their reindeer games, he's got another thing coming.

The Dems should shun him.
#15, tell us a about this "outrageous spending."
Rodent Tom was a Republican until that became a liability in his socially moderate Eastside district. Fearing that he couldn't be elected with an 'R' beside his name, he started playing with the cool kids, and started sporting the 'D'. I've known him since he was about 8 years old, and he's always been a sneaky little shit. Never liked him, even as an adult. This really shouldn't come as a surprise...
but but but you guys don't let perfect be the enemy of good we NEED to elect these conservadems because then we'll have the majority and pass what we NEED to
What's with these republicans in democrat clothing? I always knew there wasn't a big difference between the 2 parties but these kinds of tricks should be outlawed in some way. If you run as a XYZ you can't decide, even before you take your job, that you're not XYX, if that's the case there should be an automatic new election to signify such a drastic change from what happened. That way you can totally still make such a drastic change but the voters will have to be reminded of it. Wouldn't have mattered anyway with this 2/3rds bullshit, the people working in congress couldn't do anything even if they wanted, so now we can't even want to do better? Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
Oh come on. They need to be paid off. The same Seattle "progressives" who spread their legs for Chris Hansen and Paul Allen can surely find some crumbs for their tables. Come on McGinn, you have some city hall contingency funds, no?
By the way, #20, now that the Republicans control the state Senate, the "two thirds bullshit" won't matter. Isn't that just horrible?! Ha ha ha ha ha! Whine on!
#13, tough shit!
@23: You are denied last post, spammer.

I remember when you were telling me that there wasn't much corruption in Washington State.
Stop whining, #24
@26 - god, your herp is never ending isn't it? Have you thought about teaming up with SRotU on the Seattle Times comment section?
Oh look, Mister G is back after being wrong about every single thing he said during the election.

Still dumb as ever I see.
Shorter Mr-Gee-I'm-A-Prick:

"No, YOU shut up!"

Wins all the internets.
I see the "progressives" remain butthurt, but too bad. Taxews won't get raised this session. Waaaaaaah!
#27, you do whine! Maybe you could join all those wingnuts who want to secede because the Kenyan communist beat the Mormon?
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And #32, you're mad because they're not yours?
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