For the last two days, I've had something very strange going on: I'm weak. I'm also sore. I'm sore everywhere except the usual places I'm sore when I get a cold or flu (throat, headache, stomachache—all these are absent). My scalp is sore. My legs feel bruised. Everywhere. My arms are sore. The bottoms of my feet are sometimes sore when I step on them. Occasionally, I feel like my knees are going to buckle, like in the shower just now. The Jeffry Mitchell art catalog I'm trying to finish gets heavy to hold.

This is unnerving.

Yes, I have an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow morning. But until then I am trying not to be swallowed by Internet self-diagnosing (although I have already seen some references to fibromyalgia, anemia, and things I don't want to type), especially because I'm sure that there will come that embarrassing moment when I find out that it's essentially a passing nothing, one of those things they'd note if there was a user's manual for a human body as "unexplainable, harmless, temporary, moving on." A glitch. Those have happened to be before, too.

Tell me I'm just glitchy, please.