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Honestly, sounds like the flu. Have you been running a fever? I was once so sick with the flu in college that I couldn't walk down the four flights of stairs to my dining hall. Friends had to bring food to me for almost a week. But yes, it started with weakness and pain in the skin.
I'm sorry, I don't know. But I hope you feel better soon :)
Or it could be a blood clot. Like, in your lungs.
But I should say this is expected to be a year for very bad flu.

See a doctor.
I had something like this 2 weeks ago. I was weak & achy all over like I had a virus, but no other symptoms, other than what seemed like a minor sinus headache. It went away after about 2-3 days.

I often feel like that. Also, sometimes when you get the flu, your arms and legs and neck and shoulders get sore and not as much your head or your throat.
Miraculous Pregnancy

Alternatively...hormones? I get bad joint pain, especially in one hip, ankle, and knee, during the second half of my cycle, and the ankle/foot that hurts also swells a lot and often during that time (but no other). I also get weird rashes or flare-ups of rashes. The only thing my doctor could figure out is that for some reason, my body is responding differently to the hormones of my menstrual cycle than it did when I was younger.
Put your hand here for a diagnosis -->
As long as you're not also experiencing a craving for human flesh, I'm sure you'll be fine.
I'm sure we'll see more posts like this in the future; the average age of paid staff at The Stranger is rising at about the same rate as the calendar.
Flu. Had an annoying bout a couple years age where I slept 18 hours a day for a few days. Just getting out of bed and walking to the living room to lay on the coach was a chore (same level, too). Never had a sore throat, nausea, headache, or anything. Just a fever, overall weakness, mild loss of appetite, and achy in random places. Finally hauled my carcass into a doctor's office after five days and she just said "it's the flu, just gotta wait it out".
My granddad said a few days before he died "the worse thing that can happen is death and even death has a bright side, it only happens once"... But he was screwed from the cancer.

Glitch, glitch, glitch - and then you'll pay mr Doctor good money to say "Its a small influenza thing, take this medicin. You'll be fine"

Done. Less posty-posty, more resty-resty
All your white guilt is eating away at you from the inside. About time.
Regardless of diagnosis, sometimes these help:

If your kidneys still seem to be working, drink a quart of Gatorade or Pediolyte over a couple of hours. The electrolytes might help.

Meanwhile, make some chicken soup. Real, canned, or instant, put some onions and/or garlic in while you're cooking it. There's some anti-inflammatory properties to the stuff that might help calm things down.

drink alot of water and sleep alot, and it will go away.
maybe it's a tumor
Sounds like you have the actual, literal influenza virus and not "the flu" people say they have when they just have a bad cold. I've had it twice in my life and both times I experienced the same symptoms you've just described, plus I slept for like 3 days straight. If you catch it early enough Tamiflu might help. Don't wait until tomorrow morning -- go to the dcotor now.
I can say with authority (I AM a first year medical student) that you most likely have a) diabetes, b) a broken arm, or c) an ectopic pregnancy.
Sounds like the early stages of Ebola Virus.
Nice knowing you.
Could be Lyme disease.

If the doc is stumped, you should mention that possibility as they don't see much of it around here so it might not occur to him/her. My niece in Vancouver had it for over a year before the docs finally figured it out.
@22 has a point. My dad got that. @23 is stuck on stupid and should move to MI.
Sean makes a good point, but it sounds like the flu. I mean look for horses (flu) before you assume zebras (Ebola) is what they tell you to do.
Rest and fluids, and make some one take care of you and say "There, there".
I'm not a doctor (but I do have these really sexy scrubs I like to wear sometimes), so I can say with authority that you are probably sick with something. Good luck.

I'd recommend chamomile tea, it has anti-viral properties you know.
Maybe it's a nutritional lack of bacon?

Make sure you get it with maple syrup.
If you're looking for zebras to ask your doctor about, may I suggest Guillain–Barré syndrome? It's pretty rare, but would usually manifest as bilateral weakness that progresses over the course of days to weeks. It is in some cases accompanied by pain and/or changes in sensation (tingling or numbness).

The good news is that most people affected with GBS fully recover. The bad news is that if it starts affecting your respiratory muscles, you may need to be put on mechanical ventilation, which is serious business.

Best of luck!
It's lupus
Dr. Google is a quack.
I cannot believe that among these I'm-not-a-doctor-but-I-play-one-on-TV that none have mentioned the obvious - the eponymous Graves' disease.
I prescribe medical marijuana
Sounds like Flu.
Stay in bed, stay hydrated, eat, sleep, watch movies, don't worry.
I'm sorry to know you're sick, and I hope you're feeling much better real soon.
Girl, you've got The Virus.
I'm so glad that you wrote this. I've felt this way for about a week or two at this point, and I haven't been getting better - I figured it was related to when I fell down the stairs and had to go to the hospital about a month ago, but the fact that I'm exhausted, I feel bruised, and sore all over has been freaking me out (I've got a neurological disorder! Or cystic fibrosis!! Or I've caught a thyroid disorder!!! Or AIDS!!!!) and I've been trying to ride it out, but I think I'll go to the doctor for my own piece of mind. I've assumed it was a glitch and that I'd get better, but I'd much rather have a doctor tell me that than me freaking out about it as time goes on and I still feel awful.
Sounds like mono, except you're not 15. If you have a primary care doctor, you could call them now so they can tell you to come if if you're still achey in a week.
It sounds like you have the flu. You know, that annual disease that tends to get passed around this time of year? You need to go home and rest, not waste your money with a doctor who is going to tell you basically the same thing.