Best Drag Queen Rendition of Are You My Mother? EVARRR!!


"RUN, Bird!" That needs to be a catchphrase, STAT.
Years ago, back in the Pleistocene age, Bitsy Bates read Dr. Seuss' Star Bellied Snitch. It was by far the funniest think I have ever heard. Thank you Andrew. This Queen's reading is funny, but...
Girl can come read to us at my local library any time she wants!
We got the story time, we got the books, and we got the kids who would love love love her . . . But I get to be there, too.
Shangela is the worst. Minus a million internet points for calling that haggard trainwreck "absolutely fabulous."
Gahd, I haaaaated Shangela on the show, but she funny. Okay. She funny.