Senator Rodney Tom: 48th LD Voters Can Go Fuck Themselves


Why not run a poll if this is the case? Might as well get this on paper, right?
that's 2 years from now. until then we get a divided government we didn't vote for.

The people spoke.

The politicians listened.

Race: Initiative 1185, Taxes and Fees

Choice Votes Vote %
Yes 1,768,833 64%
No 981,702 36%…
Oh, Whaaaa!!!

I seriously doubt you had any such qualms in 2001 when Senator Jim Jeffords, elected as a Republican, declared himself an independent and announced he would join the Democratic caucus, giving Democrats control in the US Senate with a one-seat advantage and making Democrat Tom Daschle Senate Majority Leader.

I’m equally sure that if the situation were reversed you would be heaping praise upon the republican turncoats.
Doesn't the word "coup" imply some level of illegality?
@5 here
@5. Not always.

Well, “coup” means one of the following:

“1.seizure of political power: the sudden violent overthrow of a government and seizure of political power, especially by the military”
“2.successful action: a success that is unexpected and achieved with exceptional skill”
“3.feat of bravery: among some Native American peoples, a feat of bravery during battle, especially touching an enemy warrior without harming him”

Since there was no violence involved, definition 1 is eliminated. That leaves definition 2 (possibly with a side of definition 3).

Now, a “coup d’état”, on the other hand, would be “a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.” Of course, since there was no illegality or force involved here, that would be wrong on all counts.

Goldy, always the careful wordsmith, can only be using the word to describe what he apparently admires as an unexpected success achieved with exceptional skill.
It seems to me like the Senate Dems in particular have the football pulled away from them Charlie Brown-style over and over and over again. You can call this a "coup" and a "fuck you" if you like, but it's really just superior political maneuvering. The Dems need to get their heads straight, and understand that they're in a war with these assholes. Someone should have been grabbing Tom and Sheldon by the coat lapels and explaining how miserable their lives are going to become now.

At what point is it ok for a newly married gay couple, for example, one who owns a business, and one who has a professional degree, to be just as concerned with runaway spending as a successful orchard grower near Yakima?

Isn't that the ultimate "end of racism" when people can make purely economic and political decisions that are rational for them, not just because they feel they have to cower under the Democrats umbrella so the bad old Republicans don't get them?
Seems that the voters of the 48th should recall the bastard. It's really not up to us if we don't live in the district.

Though I guess it gives everyone NOT in the 48th something to bitch and whine about
Speaking of a democratic challenger ...

Cyrus Habib would be great. He's got the blood for politics, is impressive as hell, and really fits his constituency in the 48th. I hope Dems and the media give him a look. Maybe its too soon, maybe hes too young, but maybe thats all the better.
@3 - sure, but the "people" you're talking about include eastern WA teabaggers who can't vote for Sen. Tom in LD48.
I'm just glad The Stranger has something to complain about again, now that gay people are getting married, we can smoke weed, and Obama was re-elected. I was really getting worried there for a second.

But like @4 said, if this was going the other direction, the first Slog post would have been a celebratory piece about seeing the proverbial light, and how Republicans are jumping from a sinking ship.
@11, I don't know if this has been mentioned in the other stories, but this exact scenario has played out before. In 1981 Pete von Reichbauer, then a Democratic State Senator, switched the Republicans, taking control of the Senate with him. A recall election was held but von Reichbauer survived it. He's now on the King County Council.
Funny how you ignored 60% for I-1185.
@4 Huh. Thing is, I've been writing about state politics for a long time. Long enough that I'm already on the record from the last time Rodney Tom switched parties:

While I appreciate his sentiment, and welcome him to the Democratic Party, I simply cannot endorse his candidacy… not in this district, not at this time. Not only is Esser out of touch with mainstream voters in the 48th, judging from his voting record, so is Tom.

Not exactly "heaping praise upon the republican turncoats," is it?
Only us old folks remember the von Reichbauer switch, I guess. I was wondering when someone was going to mention it.

Everyone is saying that a recall election can't happen this time, because Washington state law wouldn't allow it in this circumstance (they have to have done something actually illegal, and changing parties is not). Has that law changed since 1981?

FWIW, I wasn't even old enough to vote yet when von Reichbauer did what he did. But to this day I will always remember that he is a weasel. He will never, ever get a vote from me.
#4 - wrong. If Tom had an (I) by his name, no one would be saying anything. He had a (D) and while I think we can all agree we want people in the Legislature that understand compromise and consensus, Senator Tom has turned his back on his party and mooned them.

He will reap what he sows and he deserves it.
@11 Politicians can only be recalled in Washington if they've committed an "act of malfeasance or misfeasance" as determined by a judge. Not gonna happen in this case.
@4 If Jeffords was from Texas, then I might be able to see your point. But he is not. He is from left-leaning Vermont.

As an actual resident of the 48th Legislative District, I think "Tom is right about three-quarters of the time!" sums up why, in The Stranger's words, why we voted for Senator Tom. Full endorsement below. As a sidenote, it's nice for the Eastside to finally be noticed by the Slog again.…

Legislative District No. 48

State Senator
Rodney Tom

Rodney Tom is a man conflicted. (What did the ghost say to the bee? BOO BEE!)

During his first term as state senator, he changed parties from Republican to Democrat. Then he helped draft the Democrat's 2010 budget proposal, but when it came time to vote, he sided with Republicans and voted against the budget. Tom says he has "no appetite for new taxes" and is opposed to a state income tax on residents earning more than $200,000 a year. But Tom sponsored legislation that raised state taxes on cigarettes by $1, and he supports other "sin" taxes on candy and soda. He also opposes Tim Eyman's Initiative 1053, which would require a two-thirds legislative majority for any tax increases. In other words, Tom is right about three-quarters of the time! His Republican challenger, Gregg Bennett, is a pansy-assed coward who refused to meet with the SECB. For all we know, he's planning to organize death camps for the poor. In fact, we're certain of it. So vote for Tom, who's in the midst of a beautiful (if clunky) metamorphosis, over Bennett, who is plotting to kill you and everyone you know.
The link which was truncated earlier:…
I disagree that politicians should exist to please the fickle masses. They should lead, not just respond. Let's see where this goes.
I just hope the right wingers will finally shut up and stop blaming the Democrats for everything, but I doubt it.
It doesn't matter now what the voters in the 48th do to or for Tom in two years. They could crown him, they could hang him, I couldn't care less. It matters NOW who controls the Senate, because the Senate really does control the Legislature (although Chopp controls the House). For that reason, this is awful.
The public can want whatever they want, if it's not constitutional it deserves to be struck down. The I-1185 circlejerk is getting old. The voters decided the voters decided! The courts will invalidate this bullshit and you'll never be able to try it again.
@10 if all the poor whites started voting their economic interests instead of racial fears your party would go extinct.
Come on, Goldy, are you going to whine for two whole years? God, that'll be fun, won't it? Grow up, child! Dry your tears. The sun will come up tomorrow. Promise.

- Your Dad
#8, you turncoat pigfucker!
Talking to the air again, huh, Mister G?
It is NOW that counts. The actions taken now by the Senate will set the stage for our fiscal recovery and how we deal with education. Consequences should follow immediately, this guy should be recalled. Loyalty, and trust are still very important to getting business done. This guy thinks that there is no difference between Democrats philosophy and Republicans, there is, a tremendous difference. This guy betrayed the trust of all Dems who voted for him.
#31, howdy stalker bitch! Took ya a while!
@33- Wow, you were scared enough of me to switch screen names, Mister G? How many alternate names do you need to avoid letting the whole world know how bereft of intelligence you are? Do you switch every two or three months once the greater population realizes that you've been wrong about everything you've said the entire time you're here?
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