Shut Down AGAIN! Macky's in Issaquah


"You may find out when Macky's re-reopens here."

I'm sorry, but who exactly wants to know when an establishment shut down multiple times for health violations reopens?
They also missed being shut down in August by 2 points (90 critical/red points = immediate closure). I enjoyed their food and never got sick but am done gambling; where else can you go for all-day dim sum in King Co.?
Potentially hazardous foods? WTF? Who eats anything potentially hazardous? Or are they storing food at the wrong temperatures?
There's a Dim Sum place on N 50th.

Not sure about a 24/7 place tho.
If there was ever a need for a three strikes and your out law, this is it.
Oh geez. "...three strikes and YOU'RE out law..."

Does this sort of thing happen to all the dim sum joints in Seattle?

I know the NYC Dept. of Health was hitting the Hong Kong style barbecue joints in Chinatown pretty hard for having cooked critters (ducks, chickens, pigs) hanging in the window, cooling to room temp from the oven. Our favorite one went and got themselves licensed as a cooked poultry and meat processing facility, wrote up their sanitation and processing procedures, and solved that little bureaucratic problem.

The disconnect between health departments and this style of restaurant comes because all of the food is freshly made and hasn't been sitting around long enough to grow any pathogens.

Of course, Macky's may violate that completely for all we know and be an actual menace to the community. Somehow, though, I'd want to dig beneath the cultural disconnect to find out.

It'd be nice if actual bacteria counts and pathogen cultures were part of inspections, but they aren't. You can have a refrigerator full of staph toxin and listeria, and as long as it's below 40 degrees F, you'll pass with flying colors.
Two strikes is quite enough. Food handliing is not rocket science, not esoteric. Its pretty simple and literally hundreds, no thousands do it right every day.

From the You Think It's Bad Here Department...

That's fishy! 39% of seafood sold in New York City isn’t what you think it is

The study showed that 94% of fish labeled “white tuna” turned out to be cheaper pieces of escolar, a snake mackerel whose toxins can have a “purgative effect” on people who eat more than a few bites.

The researchers also found that red snapper and halibut purchased at one small market was actually tilefish — which is on the FDA’s do-not-eat list because of high mercury content.…