While I'm generally a fan of Matthew Inman's comics, I can understand people who don't like The Oatmeal. Not all of the comics are funny—his most recent book is just made up of really obvious cat cartoons—and Inman's attempts to offend are often pretty sad. (Dead hooker jokes should have died with Andrew Dice Clay's career.)

But Inman's response to a BuzzFeed hit piece by Jack Stuef is just about perfect. He runs Stuef's whole article and then points out all the stretches that Stuef had to make in order to assemble his piece. Factual errors abound. In Stuef's defense, Inman refused to comment, which makes the piece a lot more difficult to write, but some of these errors were entirely avoidable. It's an exceptional response to a mediocre hit piece, and you should go read it.