US Made $22.7 Billion on Bailout of AIG


Wait a minute, Charles. Weren't you previously going on about the bailout demonstrating that our government was run by Wall Street, or am I confusing you with someone else?

Anyway - yes, markets would be completely dysfunctional without government oversight and intervention.
Just think of how much we could have made if we charged them interest on the loan, instead of just giving more corporate welfare to those who deserve it least.

Welfare queens.

Small discount?!? I'd like to have some words with the NY Times.

So, why did we the people get screwed out of $.86 a share on this deal? If my broker did that to me, the SEC would be all over his ass. When you sell into an auction market, you should get the auction price.

Where did that almost $200 Million go? Into whose pocket and why?

Yeah, yeah, I know you can't dump 234 million shares of something without moving the market lower, but I don't see the necessity for dumping it all at once, either. And no way that hiring a broker to sell that for you gradually will cost you 3% of the market price. That's unconscionable.
And how much did we make on our GM stock?

How much more stock does the US government still hold?

Socialism and government participation are not synonymous. Let's not confuse them.
Then where the fuck is my check?


Fuck Yea!

No shit, where the fuck is my check, looks like all I am getting as another tax increase.