We'll have another tale of yelling from one Jen Graves later this morning, but meanwhile, wouldn't you love to help hungry people by donating to Northwest Harvest today and maybe also win a BIG BAG of SWAG?! Sure you would!!!

The swag in question comes from one Cayman Jack™, which (who?) loves Slog so much, it (he?) sent a camera! [Edits are mine.]

Cayman Jack™ is the “Hand-Crafted Margarita” in a bottle. We’ve scoured the earth looking for blogs like yours who view life as an adventure, and when we found out you have a whole ‘Slog’ dedicated to [being awesome] in Seattle, we knew you should be one of the first sites to [get this awesome BIG BAG of SWAG].

Cayman Jack shares your adventurous spirit and because of that we’d like to give you 1 of only 15 Cayman Jack™ culture packs! These packs are custom made and include a messenger bag, a camera, [some cufflinks that are made out of tiny compasses that are really cute, some shot glasses,], and a sample of Cayman Jack™. [For some reason, they did not send the pocketknife pictured—we did not swipe it, I swear—sorry.] It’s everything you’ll need to take on your next adventure. As Cayman Jack says, “When adventure happens, take your best shot.”

The camera is this one. It seems fun to mess around with! We want to give it to you!

  • SWAG.

Now, to the photo contest! To enter to win the swag-bag*, all you have to do is donate to Northwest Harvest by way of the Slog vs. People Who Are So Mad They Call Us Up to Shout at Us Holiday Charity Challenge! Then, email us your donation receipt along with a photo that you took that is adventurous, funny, beautiful, cute, miscellaneously awesome, or all of the above.

Entries will be accepted until midnight tonight, and the winning photo will be put up right here on Slog tomorrow. Just give to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford!

You're just great for being a giver!

*Fine print: You must come pick up your bag of swag at the Stranger offices on Capitol Hill in Seattle in the next week or so. And you must be 21 to get the free sample.