Barbara Walters Asks Chris Christie If His Weight Means He Shouldn't Be President


Yo, I thought fat shaming Chris Christie was cool cause he is republican, are we off that now?
Chris Christie shouldn't be President because he vetoed gay marriage in New Jersey. I don't give a shit about his weight.
Barbara Walters: OG Concern Troll.
The old trout should hit the treadmill herself.
Ugh. Barbara Walters.

Did she ask him next what kind of tree he'd like to be?
No fatties have ever been world leaders before.

Gee, Bab's have "those" people ever heard of two term president Grover Cleveland?

Or maybe they've heard of Winston Churchill?

While I think Christie is an ideological troglodite, his real problem is he's too competent for the republican party. If he was fat AND an idiot he'd be a shoe-in.

Grover Cleveland and Winston Churchill were pre-TV leaders, let alone pre-YouTube, where every unflattering video shows up instantly, can go viral, and live forever. Recall how in FDR's age it was largely possible to "hide" the fact that he was wheelchair bound.

In an era when the GOP is making daily demands that the country "tighten its belt" and enact austerity measures, having a guy with three chins and an ass the size of a beachball is asking for trouble. Christie is a walking example of someone who is unable to reign in his appetitive desires (he's admitted as much in the past). Imagine the first time he pitches the idea of cutting back on food stamps or school lunches--he might as well be wearing a Roman toga and gesturing with a turkey leg.
In his condition, those 18 hour days will take their toll long before 2016. If he'd said, "Yes, I'm morbidly obese, but I take it really easy on the old ticker" I'd have given him odds, at least. But not this guy, burning the candle at both ends when he belongs in a hospice.
Why would we be suprised at Walter's question? I can only assume that most Slog readers will share her view. See @7, @8 and, I'm sure, countless to follow...
@7 Sure there is the media portrayal - unfair as that may be .

But what Bab's was saying is that Christie isn't "healthy" enough to be elected president. Which is just idiotic.

Without talking to his physician she has no idea what his health status actually is. It's a dumb question.

There have been many presidents elected that could barely crawl from one campaign stop to another and they still managed to not only get elected but serve out their terms.

BTW. Most people knew FDR had polio. It wasn't a secret. And people were well aware of the effects of polio as it was rampant at the time.

Likewise Cleveland was constantly berated and lampooned in vicious political cartoons and in the press for his weight before both terms of his presidency.
Bill Clinton used to be the subject of ridicule for his Big Mac Attacks, and more than one person has speculated about how long the obese Clarence Thomas can continue to serve when he appears to be a prime candidate for cardio-vascular disease. If Christie wants to run, he'll run, and people will make fun of his size. But then people made fun of W's ears. If you can't stand the heat....
He should remind her that she's way too old to still be working.
I'm just remembering that in 1996, when people were wondering whether or not Bob Dole was too old for office, he responded by pointing out that both his blood pressure and his cholesterol were lower than Clinton's. So bashing people for physical characteristics is a fine, bipartisan tradition.…
"There are people who say..." is SUCH a chicken shit way of trying to avoid responsibility for a question you should be ashamed to ask.
his morbid obesity makes him simply too unattractive to be win election. & i don't care if most americans are also fat. they keep electing the more attractive candidate.

if he loses 100 lbs., we'll know he's running.
Have you noticed the TV commercials selling stuff to "real people" (as opposed to cool 20s types)? The male actors are all fat and if those commercials weren't successful, they wouldn't be on the air. Obviously just plain fat is not a problem with the American public.
Speaking of which, how is Lindy doing? I miss her around Slog. It's just hard to have a good fat shamers vs. fat-is-fine slog slap fight without her.
the gop should roll with christie in 2016; and he should get even fatter. people wont feel so guilty not voting for hillary if they consider the other guy to be just as much a victim. Seriously; the gop should of hired a hit man to chop off mitt at the shins last summer; theres no doubt that the dumbfuck centrists wouldve been swayed by the ensuing after-school special.
Is he as fat at President Taft? We had to build a special bathtub in the White House for his fat GOP ass.
I don't know - if every obese person in the US voted for him out of solidarity, he'd lock up 35% of the vote right off the bat.

Also, 40% of Mexican-Americans are obese, as are 49% of blacks. Finally, a way for a Republican to chip away at the Democrats' lead in those demographics.

Chris Christie 2016
"Fat Like You"
Ok, first off, I hate Christie for so many reasons. Anti gay marriage, cockblocking the most restrictive medical marijuana program for three years because he can't STAND the idea of any MMJ program happening in his watch.

But fat shaming just isn't cool. Not even for a rancid pus ball like Christie.
Christie, besides being a fat, loudmouth, least coastie authoritarian, jersey shore shithead is also a traitor to the republican party. He is also despised by the by the rights fast growing Libertarian wing.

My bet is Christie changes his affiliation do Democrat, then The Stranger staff and fan base will be on their knees waiting for the fat chode.

I have thought that Chris Christie was unelectable for POTUS because "If he can't even control his own weight, how will he ever be able to control the country's weight?", but then I look at the fact that much of the US populace can relate to being overweight. So who knows?
More questions by the media that, again, I simply can't believe I'm hearing in this day and age. Christie shoulda written a big fat "WTF?!?!" on a piece of paper and put it right in Bab's face.
Taft set a hell of a precedent. I can't believe only Cato Jr Jr thought to mention him.
Taft also had a big fucking walrus mustache. Times have changed.
@21: Yeah, pretty much this, only in the first paragraph I'd add killing the railway tunnel under the Hudson "in a spasm of Tea-Party-inspired parochialism", as Forbes says, after building had already started.…

For that, he's a POS. Being fat has nothing to do with it.
You'll see a Gay Arab in the white house before you'll see another fat guy.
BTW..didn't this lard ass threaten to come out to Washington to kick our asses if McKenna lost? So I have to ask Chunky Christie...did ya chicken out?
@ Taft

The electoral map from 1908, when Taft was elected is pretty interesting. The whole South was voting Democrat. So not only has the big honkin' walrus mustache changed, but much of the electoral map has flipped on its head.


Hey, I hate him for that too. As a resident of Jersey I'm planning on donating, phone banking, whatever I can to make him lose.

Even if somehow they reanimated Hitler I'd support him over Christie. Hate Christie so much.
Does anyone here think that being that fat should disqualify you from public office if you are also a woman, or only if you are a man?

Because if Walters had asked that question to a woman, she would be currently adrift on an ice floe somewhere in the North Atlantic.
@20 wins
People say they couldn't support Christie because of health concerns. Really? Are you sure it isn't because you couldn't vote for someone who wouldn't make the cover of People? It's why your watching a Barbara Walters special anyway, right? Waiting for some insight from Honey Boo Boo, are ya?

His weight isn't the issue. His politics are the issue.
>> ...Couldn't be president..?

America has elected a man of racial minority - historically feared - whose unusal name sounds much like those of well known and despised madmen.

I can't beleive she will have much issue with a politician whose physical appearance is so much like her own, and whose name refers to a messiah, twice.

@32: I have my doubts that a 350lb woman would get to the point of being considered for President for the same reasons I think Christie is a non-starter in this regard. Being morbidly obese works against you in any career where you are on camera every day for years at a time.