Dark Seattle


Yesterday was, apparently, the sixth darkest day of the year. http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2012/12/da…
Astronomically speaking, isn't a mass that doesn't orbit any star more properly called an asteroid?
@2 "rogue planet"

Wow, there's 20-30 times more solar energy in the summer times compared to a cloudy winter day. That's an amazing fact.
it's combination. lack of sunshine hours, plus cloudy weather, magnified by the fact that the rain hangs around making the earth spongy, leaves stay soggy for a few months, driving you inside and shut in, becuase in reality you can't really roll around on the ground playing football or jumping in leaves. fall in seattle should be called Sog. Then, usually if you bring it up some social politeness nazi tells you "I like the rain!" or some other nonsense and giving you the seattle freeze face, a grimace pretending to be a smile that says "it's not so bad. shut up."

throw in the traffic problems and flus and colds and my god, this season in seattle sucks big time. it's not our area's best feature.

[so move outta here in 4...3...2...1....and other not-exactly open-and-hospitable comments....]
@5 - I feel you.
We've had sunny mornings though.
Seattle winter fucking sucks. Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise would risk being punched in the face, if I wasn't paralyzed by crippling depression right now.
I love Seattle winter. Maybe that's because I'm from New England and I think that a few months of gloom beats the fucking hell out of five months of snow, ice, and below 0 temperatures every goddamn day.
I don't draw my heat from the ground, I draw my heat from the near-constant whining about how dark and cold the winters here are.
@8: You should avoid the UK in winter at all costs then. The southern-most point is further north than Seattle and no point in the country is more than a hundred miles or so from the sea, so the weather is like here, but more so. They're also much less tolerant of whiners.
@9, shut up. We have 9 months of gloom. @8, punch @9 please.
Winters here suck. I am sick of people complaining about it, though. Guess I'm a "social politeness nazi," whatever the fuck that is. Some people really get worked up about othe people's opinions, I guess.

Anyways, back to plannin Summer 2013.
Around the end of January I start dreaming of palm trees.