Good Call, Dick


Spending & borrowing, that's been a Rethuglican M.O. since Saint Ronnie.

Taxing sucks, but those stupid R-initiated wars ain't cheap.
His "victory" comment reminds me of that old saying: "If we had some ham, we could have a ham sandwich if we had any bread."
I don't know about the other states he mentions, but Colorado has only 9 electoral votes. So not only can't he correctly predict elections based on the objective polling data at hand, he can't even add.
I could be as wrong or even wronger for HALF the money...

...aaaand I'm a LOT better looking!
It's over, the election is over Paul. You can put down the punditry now, just.. yeah.. go on.. go ahead.. put it down, there on the table, and walk away. There are other things to write about now. The election is over...
Sucks to lose, eh?
His job is not to inform. That hasn't been the task for journalists in over ten years. Their job is to give context to the greedy goals of his monied masters. They are the house slaves hired to keep the field slaves in line.

This satire is just as resonant as it was in the 90's.…
Is this the famous "Prostitue Toe Sucking Dick Morris" I have heard about?
Apparently there is a robust market for telling people what they want to hear.
And there is robust funding for telling people what the rich want them to hear.
Bush ran America into the ground with two illegal wars and billions to his friends on Wall Street. Don't you see Dick, Obama is trying to pull America out of the ditch.
Dang free-spending job-outsourcing capital-outsourcing "conservatives".

Ain't nothing patriotic bout them fools.
He has a job because media owners - always in search for sensationalism and numbers - believe they must have a contrarian POV regardless of merit. If I started a newspaper or magazine titled Here's Hoping Everyone Has A Lovely Day, there will be some who must - must - say, "I don't want a lovely day," or, "Why should everyone have a lovely day?" It's the price of democracy. The only thing you can hope for is an informed, educated populace that can smell bullshit and disregard it. That's where this country is failing - and maybe will fail because of it.
They are foolish enough to underestimate Obama after all he has done to undo the huge fucking mess conservatards left and after he kicked their asses in an election. Even Al-Qaida is on the ropes because Obama uses his brains. Who the fuck cares what another Dick says?
When the GOP describes the Democrat's policies, it's always "They want to destroy America!".
When the Democrats desribe the GOP policies, it's "They want to make the rich even richer!"

One of those statements has at its core a belief that people will cut off their head to spite their neck, which is patently ridiculous. The other statement merely implies that someone is being dishonest about their true intentions, which is called "politics".
Of course, since the core of the GOP believes in fantasies like talking snakes, donkeys and pigs, you really can't be surprised at their other delusions.
They said Clinton's policies would destroy the US. And the only extent to which it did so was it made people think politics was safe and the good times would continue no matter who they voted for. Then came George W. Bush. I think it's going to take a lot to make people of my generation who have those examples as their early adulthood and paying attention to politics forming their view of politics. Obama seems to be trying to return to many of the policies of Bill Clinton, and I wouldn't mind working toward an economy more like that one. Sure, we had the tech bubble burst, and that really hurt me and some people I know, but it was a pain within a limited segment of the economy and not as bad as this recession which is hitting so many more people (although oddly, much easier for me and my household personally, but that doesn't make it okay just because I'm doing better now). I also don't blame Clinton for the tech bubble burst. We all knew it was coming, but there wasn't a clear or obvious way to stop it. And it was connected to a lot of investment investors didn't understand, but not really to a lack of regulation. There wasn't the same level of fraud in it or clear historical example that the Great Recession had. Where they removed some of the protections put into place after the Great Depression meant to prevent a second one, and then were shocked when we got a massive economic problem.
Dick Morris has the luxury of an audience that relies on a myth-based frame of reference instead of a fact-based frame of reference. Therefore, so long as everything he says is consistent with their myth, his audience will nod their heads and say "He's right, he's totally right. What a smart guy." even if his statements are contrary to fact. In fact, they will be even more delighted with him if his statements which are consistent with their mythology are contrary to the facts than if they are confirmed by the facts because those are the areas of the mythology that need shoring up.
Sorry @5, but the election is NEVER over in the USA. It's all about 2016 now (like it or not). Thanks for keeping on top of it, Paul.
9 nailed it. This is feel good punditry. This isn't a turd, it's a nitrogen rich fertilizer formulation for growing flowers which will sprout any second now. Just watch that patch of dirt and dream of roses. Wait for it.... Waaaaait for it...
@11 Which brings up another point. If this prediction is correct and he does run America into the ground, Dems could wait four years and pretend Obama never existed.

You know, like Republicans did with Bush in this last election.
He still has a job, but notice that it's not on Fox anymore. It's on "The Hill", and even there the comments are running 10-to-1 against. That's a big step down. I'll bet his punditry is bringing in a LOT less dough these days. And you know he's not working for any candidates for office again anytime soon. Dick Morris is a laughable failure. You know he knows it, too; you could see it in his eyes even before the election.
People HAVE seen, "firsthand and vividly," the results of Obama’s economic policies. And they re-elected him.
Minnesota has ten electoral college votes, not 16.
The Hill? Circulation 22,000? Is that a job?? Does anybody actually pay him? Money?

Nevada has 6 EV, not 9. Michigan has 16 EV, not 15.

So, not only was Mr. Morris totally wrong on the winner in those 11 states (Obama topped Romney in every single one), he couldn't even get the correct number of EV his guy didn't win in four (CO, MI, MN, NV) of the 11.
Isn't the job of someone in a newspaper - an editor, let's say - to make sure that basic facts, such as the number of a state's electoral votes, aren't embarrassingly wrong?
I just read the landslide article and its comments. Such a tasty evening treat. Thanks, Paul.

Made me think of Stevie Nicks. "Landslide'll bring Dick down."