People Are Doing "Ironic Dining" at Guy Fieri's Restaurant After the New York Times Slammed It


Dyspepsia as performance art.
There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.
That's kind of what I thought would happen. Are they then posting how terrible the experience was to their own food blogs complete with photos and diagrams?
Can I ask where you found the fucks to give? I never seem to have enough.
I understand: in this department, you are one of the needy. The problem is that no one will help you with your deficit: no one gives a fnck to the needy, for their fnck-giving needs, just as in our wider society no one gives a fnck about the needy.
doesnt writing about how crazy it is to go to a 'bad' restaurant only give it more PR and more interest in the place?
I could see myself doing this. The only thing is that I would call this "Deep Mealing" instead of ironic dining. That term sounds too crass, too incurious. There's nothing I can do to tarnish the reputation of Guy Fieri that he hasn't done to himself. All I can do is ask for an interesting experience.
Hahaha lovely :D

I don't wanna be rude or anything - but this kinda points out what kind of reader base most food critics have. did they all wear ironical glasses, had a thing for suits from the 40's and talked about sour-dough bread while eating?
$400 for a table of 7. So $60 each. Still aggravating, but not as much as if it was for a table of 4.
@10, and the diner noted they ordered many, many strong drinks to compensate for the food. That probably doubled the bill.