SL Letter of the Day: Lock and Key


You can always tell the letter is bullshit when the elaborate story is followed by a throwaway question that does not qualify as asking for advice: "Is it becoming more common for wives to keep their husbands in chastity?"
*snort* Wow, you can tell this letter is a fake a mile away. Yeah, I'm sure LOCKED is aaaaaaaabsolutely miserable. But for the record, not all of us women with an orgasm denial kink are insecure and controlling. Some of us are just sadistic :D I don't think a man who's not locked up is gonna run and stick it in someone else as soon as I turn my back. I just think the thought of (a consenting, obviously) man desperately wanting to get off and not being able to is super-hot.
Clearly my vanilla-ness will show - but if one's penis is locked up, how does one pee??
I think it's similar to Spanx. There's a hole. Not to say it isn't messy, but then of course you are sitting down to pee anyway, guy in chastity cage, right?
@3 per the website:
"The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing use at urinals"

And if you're wondering: "plastic locks included allow wearer to go through metal detectors without setting off alarms"
@2 if locking up a man's cock in a cage isn't controlling, I don't know what is.

I'm sure that LOCKED is happy to see that women *do* exist who he doesn't have to beg to lock him up.
Oh, good gravy Lorraine. Or good gravy Marie. Or both.
Spanx is crotchless?
It just confirms my bias against crotchless underwear.
@9, not crotchless. They have "curtains"
even worse! @ 10
Plastic locks? Yeah, sure this is against your will.....

Assuming for the sake of discussion that Letter Writer is serious -- which I don't believe for a second -- if you are done with this, then don't be "more attentive, caring, and loving" while you wait for her to let you out of your prison cell for yard time. Tell her you have exactly one thing to say to her, and that's "safeword." If she's the least bit savvy about what puts the consensual into "nonconsensual" play, she will know perfectly well that being safeworded means she has about ten seconds to stop whatever she's doing, unlock you and apologize profusely before you become entirely justified in physically overpowering her and forcibly relieving her of the key.

If you aren't ready to safeword her, then shut up and enjoy your torture. Which we all know is exactly what you are doing.

The fact that you are "more attentive, caring and loving" while locked up tells me that whining to Dan is just opening a new front in your fetish for being made helpless. (I don't know about you, but when I'm honestly ticked off, I tend to get surly, not loving.) Why beg just your wife to let you out, when you can beg in front of thousands of people?
The other thought is that if she is (hypothetically) letting you out only once a month (at that interval, it had damned well better be for sex, and a lot of it, not just masturbation), then divorce her ass for not holding up her end of the conjugal relations part of the marital relationship. Once a month or less is the clinical definition of "sexless." If that's her idea of a sex life, no wonder she had problems with other mates fooling around on her. If she thinks that you are "more attentive, caring, and loving when kept in this condition," just wait 'til she sees what sort of cooperation daily blowjobs get her.

(But the above is, of course, purely hypothetical bullshit, because clearly denial is your kink. You bought the thing yourself, you let her put it on you, you let her keep it on you for a month at a time even though if you wanted off it would take all of three seconds with a bolt cutter, and both of you get something out of how you behave when you are wearing it.

If you are even that. Frankly, the inclusion of not one, but two specific model numbers makes me suspect you're actually a marketing flack for the manufacturer.)