That's the Free Market For You


A "tiny district"? They're all the same size, population-wise.

If a district is tiny geographically, that just means it is densely populated (like ours).
Hey, the guy has to do something for his retirement plan. And it is a free market, we can freely choose not to pay for his speechifying.
That's an awful lot of money for only 10-20 people per speech to have to scrape together.
Especially when you could find a nasally bore like him standing next to the coffee percolator in almost any church basement on a Sunday morning.
I think the free market must be broken. I'm only charging $40,000 per speech, but nobody's buying.
Can I pay someone to break all of paul's computers? Dude's like "The Soup" of inane liberal-blog posts.
@1 I think he probably meant obscure, but yeah shitty word choice
He was president of the internet for a time and has probably won more online votes than anyone.

And given the rapidity and length of his speech, on a dollar per word basis it's probably a good deal.
He's also selling Brawndo--it's what RepubliKKKans crave!
Probably not correct to say his tenure as a Congressman was "unremarkable". His consistent voting record based on his principles of limited federal government will be one for the history books.

Why your fascination/obsession with Ron Paul?

Seriously, I believe that you secretly agree with him on a host of issues. However, since he doesn't fit the narrowly prescribed and vetted childlike notions expressed by contemporary Seattle yuppie dingbats, you struggle with him. Kind of like a closeted gay man. You wrestle everyday with the truth, yet due to your cowardice, you simply cannot embrace him in public. After all, what would, your friends say?

Seriously, develop an ability to smell the bullshit that runs raw in the street of capital hill, and accept your true feelings. The feelings that you have, which is that there is something terribly wrong in this country, are perfectly fine. Make the next step, which is to say that the current system, has as its core, a rotten seed that needs to be replaced. Ron paul may not be perfect, but he is far closer to your inherent internalized ideals and revolutionary spirit, than some mealy mouth slack jawed queer whose immature conclusions about the way the world works rise and fall on the status on his/her genitals.

You are way smarter than those you surround yourself with.

So is Bernie Sanders, who shares more in common with Ron Paul, than the centrist oligarchs you bend over to support in the name of "reason".

Be true to yourself for once.
@11 The whole 'liberals would agree with Ron Paul on a lot' nonsense has not, nor will ever, work. While yes, libertarians are often right on a few social issues, they are right for the wrong reasons. And just in general wrong.

It's not cowardice, nor ignorance, that makes most people dislike Paul. Quite the opposite actually. People have considered what he has to say, and his overall philosophy, and found it lacking, stupid, or otherwise unappealing. Then you add in the man's complete willingness to court the most racists and nutty elements of society to make a buck, his off putting personality, and the cult like nature of his followers. Pretty soon its more surprising why so many people seem to actually like him.

Jesse Jackson used to charge 10K per speech way back in the 1970s. My father, whose politics were aligned with Jackson's, was totally disgusted. In this case I think both sides do do it.

Please explain why the senate cosponser of Ron Paul's bill to audit the fed is Bernie Sanders if the only things that liberals and libertarians age on are social issues.

Paul constant railing against Ron Paul's critique of the banking system is exactly what I'm talking about. Just cause you consider things carefully, doesn't mean you've come to the correct conclusion.
It was always about the money.
Ron Paul is not and never has been consistently libertarian. He is against women making their own health decisions. He is against equal civil rights for not just gay and lesbian people (both anti gay marriage and pro DADT), but also black people. He's like a slightly crazier version of McCain taking a "bold" stance on a few signature issues and following the Republican party line on the rest.
@14 I never said only, but OK, social issues plus that dumbass time waster of a bill.
Paul, why would you highlight his mere three runs at the presidency when you could have pointed out his recurring star role in six Leprechaun movies?
And he's now a secessionist, which for him is a synonym of "patriot."
@19: For me it's a synonym for "dishonorable ingrate Johnny Reb".