The Conservative Backlash Against Django Unchained Began Today


This isn't surprising. They're feeling the pain of a declining influence. That and an inferiority complex.
I wish there was a way to break them down into categories.
1. Idiot kids being idiots.
2. Lame trolling attempts.
3. Adults who believe what they're posting.

Then some interviews would be in order.
"OMG!!! My account was hacked! I would NEVER say something like that!"
Kind of like how it was with the Twitter comments after Obama was re-elected.
"other people who are wholly unprepared to discuss slavery."

Can't have an open discussion about race if you pre-emptively decide who is "prepared"/allowed to contribute. Sure it will get messy because the whole thing IS messy. Not sure what the alternative is though.
Also, is Tarantino any more qualified to discuss slavery than a reviewer? (I'm asking this as someone who is generally not a defender of reviewers)
"grow up in the texas"

The Texas, eh? Yeah, the one and only.
I like how they're so limited in their thinking that they can't even recognize irony among themselves. For instance, this comment:

You are not getting the point. Black people cannot be racist because they don't have the power. Just ask James Clyburn, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Obama, etc..

got this angry response which has 73 likes right now:
Black people cannot be racist? You idiot! So when a Black man totures and murders a White couple yelling racial epithets and the usual racial garbage, that is not racist? Look up the definition, has nothing to do with power.

Quentin Tarantino makes standard Tarantino film, which prompts a predictable and typical reaction from a group everyone expected would react in exactly the way they reacted.
"... using an historically an inaccurate storyline." (sic)

On a related note, I heard that Hitler wasn't machine-gunned down in a totally awesome and ironic theater fire, either, and Uma Thurman doesn't really know that much kung fu.

I think there was a comment about "Inglourious Kikesters" too, but apparently it got removed.
Am I naive, or has any white person, anywhere, ever, actually been offended by the word "honky"?
I can't believe someone posted an article on the internet and the comment section has turned into trolling and name calling.
@11 Your winnings, sir.
Tarantino should be giving Matt Drudge a full-on kiss on the lips for all the free publicity he's getting. You can't buy this shit.
@10 Honky is derived from "Hunky" which was used a derogatory term for Hungarians. "Bohunk" was used in much the same way for Bohemians.
So, yes at a time the word was hurtful in the same way that other racially charged epitaths have hurt other groups, it coming from a hateful and offensive place.
As Eastern Europeans became more assimalated and began to be seen as "white" the terms lost some of their sting.
The best part of the movie for me was he gets to kill lots of slavers. And get paid for doing so.
@11 I know! It's crazy. It must be an internet first!

I also like how we're reminded of the irony of all these dumb racist red neck losers going ape shit over a movie they haven't even seen.

Yet the Stranger is whipping up all us good liberals over The Lone Ranger a couple threads down from this one. And we have also not seen that movie.

Why, that's not in anyway ironic.
@14 i did not know that
@17 true, tho.
Can't we just be pissed that Tarantino wrote ANOTHER revenge flick with characters who are nothing more than mouthpieces for him?
I don't know how the other movies had characters that were mouthpieces for him.

Yes, Kill Bill had a scene to satisfy his foot fetish.

Yes, Kill Bill and film criticism that likely reflected his views.

Beyond that?
These are presumably the same conservative wingnuts who vowed to never buy another Marvel comic (sic) after Superman supposedly renounced his American citizenship. The declaration of their withholding further support holds exactly as much weight.
I'm confused as to why we don't have a poll to decide whether we are collectively outraged by something here.
@14 Interesting info.
FYI the word is "epithets".
I like me some delicious conservative butt rage. :-9
Woah! Where do I get a porch monkey??? I've always wanted a monkey I could keep on my porch then take out and play with. That would be SO MUCH FUN!!! I really want... wait, what? That's not what it means? Crap!
@10 (Lymis) and @14 (Hyzenthlayk9): Regardless of the word honky's original derivation, we Anserine-Americans find it deeply offensive, which is why we eat your lawns and then poop on them.
re: The Slave Narratives in the Library of Congress: If takes away from that reading, that the enslaved "loved their masters," then that person should expand their reading. Remember that these people were born into slavery, that's all that they knew before they were emancipated. If they speak of their owners as benevolent, it may be because they recieved an extra biscuit at Christmas after being starved all year long. The "minority majority" have fictionalized history for so long, that you've com to believe your own lies. Pick up some books, not The Hunger Games or The Hobbit, and read some truth about our country. Have you ever been a majority? Doubt it.
The point you are missing is, that is but another example for what America was, is and will be about: Stupidity on the grand scale! (When put in relation to the educationl possibilities offered by material wealth)

Tyler Durden Volland, European
27 that was great. Truth is most whites have NO clue as to the long lasting effects of a 400 year captivity and the realistic horrors of the Evil their great grand parents not ancestors did. (some only three generations ago. and as far as the N word why do white people care??? is it because someone told them for the 1st time they cant do something, I mean youve used the word for over 400 years, Blacks converted it into something positive 50 years ago and your mad you cant say it. talk about entitlement issues.