And the pope has lots of followers...


...but I'm one of them. Hard to say how many other folks, like me and Rob Delaney, are following the pope for shits and giggles. But some folks are following the pope because they're still pretty pissed about all those raped kids:

The first papal tweet has been the subject of intense curiosity—as well as merciless jokes, criticism and commentary. "The pope has an iPad?" comedian Jon Stewart asked earlier this year. The Onion satirical newspaper ran a piece "Pope tweets picture of self with God." And in perhaps a more long-term and problematic issue for the Vatican, the (at)Pontifex handle was flooded with negative messages from users remarking on the clerical sex abuse scandal.

My first message to the pope? Just wanted to share one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time with Bennie, in case he missed it: