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And the winner of the Cayman Jack™ swag bag is... BusyB, who sent this photo he took in Mali last year:

  • BusyB

BusyB says:

It’s at the Festival in the Desert in Tomboctou. It’s a closeup of a camel's face and you can see my girlfriend making the same face in the background (of course much prettier than the camel's). About a month and a half after this picture was taken the country was in turmoil. The city of Tomboctou has been ransacked and is being run by Al Qaede. They have destroyed a lot of the beauty there. For an example I’ve attached a picture of a door they destroyed. I feel saddened knowing that the people of Mali want nothing to do with Al Qaede. They are happy, beautiful and fun loving people who love music, dance and art. I hope one day soon they will take their country back and I can go visit them again.

  • BusyB

Thanks, BusyB! Enjoy the compass cufflinks! And thanks, everyone! Give now!