Update on Portland Mall Shooting


My condolences to everyone affected by this.

Good job Clackamas County Sheriff's Department. Thank you for doing your job well.
Just think, if everyone in the food court had been carrying a gun, stolen or otherwise, no one would have died!
We need more guns in malls!
This is why I don't wear my pumped up kicks outside the house.
The fucking AR-15 again. I guess that is the unstable American murderer's weapon of choice these days.

Can't say I blame them. The best gun readily available to spray indiscriminate death all over a room.
Kudos to all the mall staff & patrons who kept their cool. Major props to the officers on the scene. And deepest condolences to the individuals killed/injured and their families.

It makes me wonder if we should just assume these things will happen, and teach ourselves & our children to do whatever will save the most lives. Kind of like how we did earthquake drills. I also wonder how the NRA-types would react to K-12 classes teaching kids how to react to mass-shooting situations.
The NRA isn't going to support any training that doesn't involve spending more money on guns, ammo, and donations to the Republican Party.
@4, I couldn't believe it was an AR-15 either. The people responsible for overturning the automatic weapons ban should be held responsible.
@7 Fully automatic weapons are banned, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon.
I thought the automatic weapons ban had expired. I guess it's a matter of expanding it.
It's not a ban:

The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Hughes Amendment in 1986 have all placed limits on how automatic guns can be bought and sold, but did not make it illegal to possess them entirely.
An AR is not an "automatic weapon." Get your facts straight. You're just making yourself look like a fool.
But, but, but, how could this AR-15 semi-automatic rifle have come to be stolen, when lawful American gun owners are so dutiful and responsible in their secure maintenance of their weapons?
I blame the War on Christmas.
Very professional response by mall staff and local authorities ... versus what may have been the most inept mass shooter in recent history.