You Know How Sometimes Straight Girls Will Make Out With Other Straight Girls In Dance Clubs to Attract the Attention of Straight Boys? This Is Kind of Like That.


That might work in Seattle...if the ratio of males to females wasn't 100 to 3.
It seems to me that Dan could have done some better selective quoting for this post. If I were Dan I would have left out the part about "drabber" and "less atractive" males.

Seriously Dan, it's the smokin' hot straight boys you want taking cues from these guppies, not the drabber less attractive ones.
Dan, I am sure that you have had the same experiences as I have over the years in which young women viewed me as a challenge to their skills of sexual persuasion. Yes, in a few times they managed to get a mercy fuck from me (as I have from a few straight boys). So yes, I think that these researchers are onto something. Now it is up to young human males to prove or disprove the theory. Hmmm. Maybe a new challange for "Mythbusters". Grant, are you listening?
I assumed you were discussing gay urban professionals.
At my high school, we called this "football."
I'd take a grain of salt the size of the Matterhorn before applying this to humans, but it's still pretty neat.
So these bar girls have the intelligence of guppies? Interesting.
They are actually mollies, not guppies (which are P. reticulata), but who's counting?
Danny aims ever higher.

Bonobos, Penguins, now Guppies.

Wait till Danny hears about Amoebas.....

And Slime mold.


do you know how Slime Mold do the Down&Dirty?
I totally opened this expecting nothing but a list of frenzied troll comments.
@8: I am; I actually came here to make the same comment. Woah. You don't want a tank full of happily mating P. wingei by chance, do you?
So how exactly to fish pretend to mate with other fish? The last time I checked, what they do is they squirt their eggs and sperm on the bottom of a stream and then die.
My two cents as a straight woman? Yes. I support this 200%. Definitely would help weed out the bigots, if nothing else, and let you know who would be potentially up for a nonstandard threesome. Also: It's hot.
Why do I get the feeling that, whatever this means, it can't be good? This is just screaming out to become a huge excuse to justify straight-chasing.
Terry will be crushed once he realizes you have been using him to get to the ladies...
What @13 said. Exactly what @13 said.

Fish mating/courtship behavior includes rubbing bodies, swimming alongside the other fishy, and a particular sexy type of "nipping." (From the article).
@9: FYI, amoebozoans don't have genders. Gender seems to be peculiar to certain metazoans and streptophytes.
@15 lol !

And it's too late, they're married now. Ah, welcome to the married life, Terry ;-)
I've seen guys do it at Anime Conventions. Although I can't know what really was their orientation.
@3: Grant and Tori snogging to measure Kari's potential interest? I am SO there. They should probably set the benchmark with Tori without the beard and then run the experiment again after he's grown it back. For science, you know. To be thorough.
@12: it's called foreplay.


is that wild or what?

sort of like Seattle in a petri dish.....

isn't that typical homosexual behavior?
@20 yes.

And I am disturbed that I am now interested in the sex lives of mollies [thank you @8 and @11].
i was trying to figure out what hot new thing "guppies" meant
26… all about animal sex. Done with human figures.
Er, note particularly the Ruff bird's faeder.
Well, *there's* my problem. Clearly I've been going about meeting women all wrong, and instead of talking to them about things I just need to have gay sex in front of them. There is no way this could possibly go wrong.
I have to chime in with the other chicks here and say: hell yes!