Last Thursday, a man went to check on his out-of-town girlfriend's First Hill apartment, only to find a 26 year old man lurking inside wearing the man's clothes, according to a Seattle police report. The stranger said he had been living in the apartment for a week and a half but that he didn't break in because, he told police, "some girl" let him in. But Officer Jennifer Gardner, who investigated, wrote in the report that two windows were broken on the unit's the ground floor, "making it very easy for someone to crawl through."

The interloper told police that four or five people had been living in the apartment since it became unattended in early November. Officer Gardner explains in her report, "I noticed that the apartment was very messy, the bathroom sink and toilet were both clogged, there was also a dog kennel in the front room." Neither the man nor his girlfriend has a dog, though they did have a TV, phones, and a desktop computer which allegedly vanished.

SPD booked the alleged squatter for investigation of burglary, but not not before the alleged squatter agreed to give back the other guy's red hoodie and baseball cap.