Tonight at Midnight: A Pair of Premieres in Columbia City


I am so excited for this movie theater that I don't even mind that their website is from 1987.
I am a resident of Columbia City, and you better believe I am rejoicing!
Their website is from 'HTML Egg for iPhone and iPad v4.30', apparently. Personally I'm ok with a crappy website while they figure out if the business is sustainable.
I'm hearing troubling initial reports about the film's 48 frames-per-second rate making it difficult to watch - anyone have any recommendations about how to cope with that? Would sitting further away from the screen than I normally do help mitigate this?
The HFR version is 3D-only, so you don't need to worry if seeing it at the Ark Lodge. But no, seating distance probably won't help if you don't like how it looks, unless you sit hundreds of feet away.