Huge crowd against coal trains: About 3,500 people showed up at the Seattle convention center yesterday to try and stop China-bound coal from rumbling through this city.

Parliament brawl: In the Ukraine.

The bluntness of Susan Rice: "Part of her appeal," for President Obama. And also part of what made her a target.

The case for John Kerry: "He's safe."

"Approaching collapse:" The Russian assessment of the Syrian regime.

No smiles or alcohol: Until Cathay Pacific Airways flight attendants get better pay.

The inventor of the bar code is dead: N. Joseph Woodland was 91.

Tick, tick, tick: The latest on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.

Chinese survival pods: Take that, apocalypse.

Is that Kanye West in a fancied-up Utilikilt? Yes, it is.

And how do you know if you're giving a good cat massage? Answers!