Watch President Obama's Remarks


The Stranger owes the shooter a debt: with pot and gay marriage behind them, they needed something to shriek about. Are you going to "live slog" it, too?
It was a heartbreaking speech, complete with tears.

I wanted something else, something about seeking peace, something about the right to live without fear.

The nation has just been terrorized. We needed a defiant, strong response, something to build morale and galvanize action.

So, yeah, fiscal cliff divers. Go ahead. Cut human services, mental health, and anything else that makes living easier. Pressurize an already-pressured, somewhat-disturbed and well-armed populace. As long as it's easier to buy a box of bullets than pay one's rent, what could possibly go wrong?
@2: What do you recommend?
BTW, bullets are $20, so of course it is easier to get them than pay rent.
@3 Maybe it shouldn't be so easy to get them, especially in bulk. How about something like a national "ammo card" ID be required in order to buy bullets? The BATF would have a chance to check each applicant's history to rule out the bigger risks, and keep their database updated. Each sale would have to be swiped in the machine and approved. Maybe you'd have to return your used brass at some point to prove you weren't stockpiling. For reloaders, primer caps would count the same as cartridges. I dunno. What's your suggestion?
@1: Go fuck yourself, you sad, sad piece of shit. Wishing you the pathetic, lonely holiday that your profoundly soulless existence deserves and that I'm quite certain you will have.
Comedy is when Israelis and Palestinians spend the better part of 70 years lobbing bombs at each other, tragedy is when one crazy person shoots up one classroom. The president has bigger concerns, it's likely only because of the media shitshow that he took time to comment at all.
Is this the same president that signed the NDAA, ran Fast and Furious, has drone attacks just about everwhere, attacking more countries in the PNAC declaration, etc. But, he's sincere this time, right ?