This year, to raise money for Northwest Harvest, current and former Stranger staffers are telling stories about times people have called us up to shout at us.

I've been straining for weeks now to come up with a story about someone yelling at me over the phone, and I really can't. Part of the problem is that I don't use the phone that much. I do most of my interviews in person, and I reach out to people via e-mail. I've had plenty of angry people yell at me in person (my favorite example of this is the local poet who bellowed "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" at me and proceeded to tell me that because I dared arouse his ire, my reputation was ruined in Capitol Hill poetry world) and via e-mail (my favorite example of this is the Ain't It Cool News writer who told me that maybe one day I would've been good enough to review movies for AICN, but I had ruined that possibility by writing something critical about their site). But nobody has ever yelled at me over the phone. I am a failure of a journalist. Maybe this should be my New Year's resolution for 2013?

Anyhoo, I have a contest for you! Phil and Kaja Foglio, the good people behind the wonderful webcomic series Girl Genius are such firm believers in the work Northwest Harvest does that they've donated all 11 Girl Genius collections to the cause. You can be entered into a drawing to win Girl Genius volumes one through eleven if you follow three easy steps. All you have to do is (1) donate money to Northwest Harvest, (2) e-mail your receipt to, and (3) write the most steampunk sentence you can think of in the e-mail with your forwarded receipt. (Here is an example: "Professor Phinneas McCogsworthy finished polishing the brass edging of his goggles and gingerly manipulated the oscilloscope of his fantabulous dirigible.") The writer of the best sentence wins! And everybody who sends their receipt to gets a nifty "SWASHBUCKLING HERO" tag on all their Slog comments for a whole year! Everybody wins!

Entry deadline: tomorrow (Sunday) at noon.

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It costs only 67 cents to feed a family of three a meal through Northwest Harvest. As of Friday, Slog has raised $7600! Which is so great. Let's give more, more, MORE! GIVE TO NORTHWEST HARVEST NOW and send us your commenter handle along with your receipt and steampunky sentence, and we'll set you up with a SWASHBUCKLING HERO badge and enter you into the Girl Genius drawing!