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Who Is the Best Character on Deep Space Nine?

Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), RIP

Guns Don't Make You Safer

Meanwhile in Afghanistan

Kids: Okay, Fine, They're the Best

Currently Flummoxing Me: This Billboard

"The Polished Shaft"

I Miss Watching NHL Games, but This Helps a Little

Kate Martin Is Running for Mayor

Re: "Stand on the right side of history."

Vanity License Plate of the Day

Researchers Have Discovered a New Slow Loris Species!

Murray's Mayoral Campaign Cleans Up the $$$

Midmorning News

SL Letter of the Day: Merry Fucking Christmas

Just Wow, At The Post Office This Morning

"Also Go Fuck Yourself"

What You're Not Wearing: Shoes Edition!!

Currently Hanging: A Sad Elephant, Shuffling

What Architecture Looks Like

Real Images of Ghosts

Once Tom Carr Called Me Up to Shout at Me

"Stand on the right side of history."

Reasons for mild optimism re: Sane Gun Control

The Backstory on Guns in America

Why Don't the Police in Kansas Carry Guns?

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