Currently Hanging: A Sad Elephant, Shuffling


I can't watch. They are such sensitive, complex and beautiful creatures. They deserve better. So do we.
The shuffling breaks me in two.
This made me cry. Seriously, fuck these zoo people. There's no good reason to keep an elephant in Seattle. This is coming from an ecologist who truly understands the conservation and educational value of zoos.
Thank you for this post...
almost four years have passed since our video's completion; I can only hope that its labors will bear freedom's fruits sooner than later. I would like to mention Kimberly Mills and Mark Trahant who initially took the risk to hire me to work for the P.I.'s editorial board where they eventually published my final op-art (on the eve of the P.I.'s print demise some years ago):….
This image's publication led to my video collaboration with activists Alyne Fortgang and Nancy Pennington, the true champions of the elephants' anti-incarceration campaign. May their tireless tenacity bring some blessings in 2013!