Over 1,000 Marriage Licenses Issued Since Gay Marriage Got Legalized!


1,000 licenses as $64 each?
$64,000 dollars in revenue.
Suck it non-$64,000-in-new-revenue states!

Now go buy 1,000 locally produced wedding cakes!
Just think, some of those 1000 marriages may have been str8 couples who said they wouldn't get married until everyone could!

Weddings for everyone!

They predicted 770 in the first year.

NOM always says those projections are wrong, so I guess they win this one too :'(
Wait, I thought SSM was supposed to DESTROY marriage. Must be one of those Manchurian candidate dealies: in ten years, all these same-sex married couples will do... something. Throw a party? Get appropriate gifts for their tin anniversary? I don't know, man, but it will be terrible.
I'm thinking it will be like that old movie White Christmas, @4.

Lots of singing and dancing and parties and lots of fun!
Using the standard "gay multiplier" of 10, this means 10,000 straight marriages ruined.

Nice going, gays!
60,000 homosexuals in Seattle.

All presumably waiting a LIFETIME for the chance to get a shiny new government approved "marriage".

Or not.
Shockingly, my marriage has NOT become 1000 times less meaningful this month. It's as if everything opponents said was bullshit. Shrug.
It's more like June in Christmas - June traditionally being the month associated with weddings.
@9: actually, July and August are the big months for marriages in Seattle. June is still a little "iffy" weatherwise.
And divorce lawyers throughout the city are licking their chops.

Sorry. Needed to say that. Stranger has been looking dangerously close to Martha Stewart Living's annual Wedding edition lately.