What Architecture Looks Like


I wrote the service connections for those houses when they were built. They're beautiful, inside and out.

I don't think they are unique to the south end, however. I used to handle the new service connections in Ballard/Green Lake/Crown Hill. Lots of houses of similar design up there.
Beautiful. That's the kind of place I could really call home.
I've never been a fan of houses that sit lower than the roadway, but I quite like the marina-style walkways they used to connect everything. I'm glad they didn't go for a true butterfly roof - 60 years in, they finally realized rainwater traveling to the middle of the house, rather than the sides, is a bad idea.
yes, that's architecture; poor architecture. an abandonment of architecture, you could say, as it abandons the concept of beauty, and embraces the concept of the fishery cannery shed or a faux "industrial" look. blank unadorned walls, abjuration of symmetry, random roof slopes, no defined entrance, zero elegance; it's neo "warehouse." in millenia while this "bare rectangles with no adornment" form was available to all, not many humans chose it; generations will look back and say "wow. that sure is an ugly and inhuman way to build."

it embodies the faux "authenticity" and rusticness of classic bourgeious bohemian class based style. if you want better modern architecture go look at downtown vancouver BC, the desire to live in what looks like a 100 year old rotting or rusting pacific northwest warehouse or canery shed is just a fad. in the end, the sorrento hotel and craftsman and traditional colonial styles plus anhalt and tudors will win out. this post modern stuff, the neo industrial thing, is the most silly fad, it's classic "nonconformist conformity"
i don't get it?
They may be lower than the street, but they have sweeping views of Lake Washington.
I realize your bus ride must be boring at times, Charles. Why not throw a good book into your pack?
See, North Seattle is actually deep in the provinces while South Seattle is the TRUE new urbanity and if you don't live there you might as well live in Monroe.

No one others like a Marxist.

Reminds me of the 1964 US Pavillion from the World's Fair in NYC:

Apparently Charles likes his new, monied white neighbors.
But do they have kitchens?
more like sweeping views of Genesee Park, Newcastle, and some of the Cascades. Trees block all but a sliver view of the lake.
Why criticize the northend neighborhood of Freelarding Greenanne?
@4 That is like saying you like big asses, therefore Anne Hathaway is ugly.
As a resident of north Seattle who just finished screwing my cousin on OxyContin in my tarpaper shack me and my 16 menthol cigarette smoking kids thank you!
Arkee-what now? We don't need none o' yer book-learnin' up north of the ship canal.
Charles, stay the fuck out of north Seattle.
I appreciate architecture, but am not a fan of the Distressed Slum Corrugated Metal look.
So Dwell = "architecture"?
the best part of building underground in areas subject to sudden massive mud flows and river overflows is the fun of mucking out the lower levels.

Buy an industrial wet/dry vac, you'll be glad you did.
I do detect a whiff of hate @19...
@14 even I can't understand that analogy.
These look like cardboard huts. A double wide trailer would look better. Or was the inspiration for these things from the shabby chic style of crack houses?
Wow, Charles, you and I finally agree on a building.
@15: Ugh, that is so stereotypically northend! Frankly, I think it's time we removed the ship canal bridges.