What It Was Like Sitting in a Courtroom Last Spring with Mass Murderer Anders Behring Breivik


I have a theory about this. It could be bunk, but it just seems to me that tens of thousands of years of mass slaughters at the hands of so called armies that then reaped the "reward" of rape and booty has bred into us a streak of homicidal mania.
Let´s also not forget that Breivik bought 10 30-round magazines for one of his killing machines (semi-automatic assault rifle) from a United States supplier because he could not get them at home
It’s been three days–including two in which I stone-cold ignored the news–and I still feel physically ill. Is it possible for our KKKuntree to implode due to our own citizens’ inhumanity?
Anders Behring Breivik is a psychopath and a terrorist. He is not insane and deserves to be in jail.
Here’s a proposal: All applicants for gun ownership have to take a bullet. It seems reasonable if the Gun Supremacists expect a five year old or a mother of two to get shot in the head everyday so that they can have as many guns as they want, then the least they could do is take one in the arm or leg.
Not quite 24, but at 32, he could barely be a Young Creepy Guy.

Or at least one of those 30-something Seattlites who acts 19.

Lets not insult weather systems by relating them to this man.