Bushmaster's Wall Street Owners Now Want to Get Rid of the Company


Cerberus took this action only AFTER the California Teachers Union Pension Fund called for an official review of all of its investments with Cerberus after the fact was revealed that Cerberus held significant investments and even direct ownership in prominent gun manufacturers.
Breaking News, Company Seeks to Avoid Bad PR.
But I personally cleared out at least five Cerberus bases, and killed hundreds of their personnel, not to mention their leader...how can their holdings still be so vast?
I can't wait to see who buys a company that the entire country now sees as toxic. Someone out there with an expired man card, presumably. Maybe Dick "shoot your friends in the face" Cheney will feel sorry for Bushmaster.
Gates of Hell=RNC
@3 THANK YOU Shapard
Bitter irony: the Cerberus founder´s father is a longtime resident of ... Newtown, CT!: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-18…
Funnily, I kinda think Bushmaster sales will go up now, mostly because of the nutters who think "Obummer's gonna take mah freedoms!" will want to snatch them up before they become illegal.
Ah yes, the crappy company that bought Chrysler from Daimler and then ran it into the ground.
Stupid and reactive.

Freedom Group is not the sole manufacturer of assault weapons.

This is like saying "fast food is dangerous so we'll never go to McDonalds again... now where's the nearest Burger King?"
I'm stupid and reactive for not going to Papa John's or Domino's for pizza?
Lot's of Wall Street finance types have homes in Connecticut. Wouldn't be surprised if some of them were parents of the victims.

The news is that now being a gun maker is bad PR, dumbass.

Which means the gun debate is not over, the pro-gun side did not win, and Americans do not all love guns.

Remind me never to invest in your business plan.
If it really bothered them, they'd close Bushmaster or re-tool the factories for producing something else.


I would assume their children go to private schools.
@12 - not that far from the water... maybe their assistants.
Cerberus, the New York Times notes, is "named after the three-headed dog of Greek myth that guarded the gates of Hades."

Thank you, New York Times, and also especially Eli Sanders, for this reminder; it's not at all talking down to your readers and is ever so useful for anyone who forgot the overview of Greek mythology they experienced before age 9, and then forgot the several overviews they went through in middle school, and also happened to forgot the more extensive survey they went through at least once in High School, after which they all went on to not major in liberal arts in colleges that don't have any core curriculum requirements in Classics at all.

Yes, the New York Times did it first. But that doesn't get you off the "being an asshole" hook, Eli.