No, I'm not so thrilled with Governor-elect Jay Inslee's tepid response to Governor Chris Gregoire's budget proposals, though really, what could he say so soon after winning an election in which he promised not to raise taxes?

But you know what? It doesn't fucking matter. As much as we need to raise additional revenue—as much as there's absolutely no way to put together a humane and responsible budget that doesn't kill people and strangle our state economy without raising additional revenue—the Rodney Tom-engineeered GOP senate coup makes that all but impossible. Even assuming that the bullshit two-thirds supermajority requirement is tossed out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional (and if the justices have an ounce of integrity, it will be), the Republicans can now block any tax increase from passing on even a simple majority vote. And they will. Because that's what Republicans do.

Really, as long as Inslee is constrained by an ideological anti-tax majority in the senate, his campaign promises don't mean fuck. So either way, prepare yourself for a cruel and unconscionable budget.