Hey y'all, it's just that kind of a week. Here goes...

There's Snow in Them Thar Hills: Actually, in the lowlands, too. Last night was stormy, and it could keep going. Check pass conditions before driving over any of our gigantic mountains.

Boehner, Wilted: He's announced this morning that he'll "bring for a vote his proposal to extend expiring tax breaks for all but the wealthiest Americans who earn more than $1 million a year." Let's get off the cliff, already.

Real-Time Coverage of Breaking News: Usually not that accurate, says NPR. In the case of the Newtown shootings, this includes most of the major media outlets misidentifying the shooter. The NYT's public editor breaks down some of their errors here.

No Birth Control for You: As Cienna reported this morning, the Domino's founder is trying to block his employee's access to birth control, apparently for religious reasons. Which just gives me an excuse to post this long essay by a former pro-lifer where she breaks down the pro-life movement's shit logic and explains why being on the pill is actually safer for those precious zygotes everyone supposedly cares about.

Teen Purse-Snatchers: At the Mount Baker light rail station. The teens have been apprehended.

Will South Korea Elect a Dictator's Daughter? General Park's daughter is a presidential contender. She'd be the nation's first female president.

Zooey Deschan... zzzzzzzz: And her husband, rocker Ben... zzzzzz [snore]. I'm sorry. Some famous people aren't married anymore or something. It's all over my internets.

The Mountain Goats played the Showbox last night. Here's John Darnielle's most romantic song: