Good thing I'm not pursuing a career in academics, as I value the freedom to speak my mind.

Of course, your livelihood is always the first thing* the righties target. It's one of the things that so frustrated my trolls in the early days of HA: I didn't have a job from which to be fired, and was thus immune to their usual McCarthyite tactics.

And FYI, I don't plan to make room in my busy schedule tomorrow for a visit from the FBI, as I've posted much worse over the years without incident. And unlike poor Professor Loomis, I don't expect my employer to publicly distance himself from me or my headline, as I'm pretty sure Tim knows a metaphor when he sees one.

*The second thing the righties threaten is an expensive defamation lawsuit. If I had a nickel for every time somebody has raised the bullshit specter of a libel or slander lawsuit, I'd have about a buck fifty. Funny thing, now that I work for a newspaper with actual lawyers, those threats have stopped.