Three Resignations at the State Department Over the Benghazi Mess



So when will we see the resignations in the House of the people who cut the funding for embassy security overseas because "we don't need it"?

January 1st?

too bad a republican president wasn't responsible

then slog could really get its teeth in this massive scandal...
@2, Republican Representative and recent VP candidate Paul Ryan opposed increased funding for embassies.

At the same time, the review he led suggested that that there was a culture of “husbanding resources” at senior levels of the State Department that contributed to the security deficiencies in Benghazi. The attitude has “had the effect of conditioning a few State Department managers to favor restricting the use of resources as a general orientation,” the report noted.

@2, are you suggesting that these are Obama's appointees?

I'd have guessed these were state department career people.
I have always wondered what the political fallout and ramifications would have been had 9/11 occurred with a Democratic president at the helm.
And yet George Tenet & Paul Bremer got a medals.
@5, GS --- read their frigging bios first before making any stoopid comments, please!…

"Eric J. Boswell was sworn in as the Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security on July 7, 2008, to serve concurrently as Director of the Bureau’s Office of Foreign Missions. He previously held the position of Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security from 1996 to 1998."

The State Dept's Diplomatic Security Service is where that idiotic stooge, Fred Burton, former Montgomery County cop (evidently, that's all the required background today for an American security agent -- even lower for the FBI, one hears), who authored the pile of drivel titled, Ghost worked.

(Now why would the US intel and security agencies hire such unqualified people just prior to their huge push to privatize everything? That's called a rhetorical question, lowbrow "Will of Seattle", better known as "Swill of Seattle --- so don't bother your peabrain to answer it.)