"You're an unbelievably stupid man, aren't you?"


Wasn't this posted just a few hours ago by Christopher?
I can't decide whether to read Eli's post or Chris'. Frizzelle went first, but Sanders is a Putlizer winner.

ok so morgan adopted the o'Riley interview playbook and that is news.
Not only stupid, but full of shit:



Gun homicides per 100,000 in:

Arkansas: 4.39
DC: 12.46 (!)
Louisiana: 10.16
Mississippi: 7.46
Nevada: 3.07
Texas: 2.91
Arizona: 3.54
Connecticut: 2.71

England: 0.07
Piers Morgan is a boorish piece of shit, on either continent he fails.
Brown Star post of the day goes to Eli Sanders, for posting the exact same thing a colleague did less than six hours later.
@1/6, you've both been around long enough to understand the significance of a post with a 6:00 am timestamp, especially from Eli. He likely posted first, but delayed the publishing so that we could have something while waiting for the morning news.
That video was hard to watch in both posts.
Fun to watch, but remember, this is Piers Morgan. He does not have any belief untethered to his desire for a broader audience. For every ounce of credibility his pandering wins him Baby Jesus chews the wings off another angel.
Mr. Speaker, I move to prepend the comments from the previous existing thread.
Awful segment aside, I cannot understand why people think they NEED assault rifles to be safe.
@ 11, it's the same mentality that likes our bloated military, and wants it to just keep on bloating with no upper limit to its size (or the portion of our budget it consumes). Not that that shed any light on how such thinking takes root.

Did you ever see the study that claimed conservatives have a bigger "fear center" in their brains than liberals? If that's scientifically sound, it's probably where those attitudes are born.
I'm just waiting to be murdered *rolls eyes* Next this Pratt guy might start calling these murders accidents.

Nicholas Angel: "Because "accident" implies there's nobody to blame."
@14: Gah! Snared, again, in the Slog's ability to bend space and time. (This post was scheduled yesterday evening.)
Same reason people think they need to buy an alarm for their home, or need to buy an SUV, or even need to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger. Constant advertising. Being told, ad naseum, what they NEED to do RIGHT NOW or their LIVES ARE IN DANGER!

All the advertising we receive is almost akin to torture. One can only resist the neverending onslaught of it for so long before it finally breaks your will.
What a lying whore.
Let's be honest: they both came out smelling like shit. Yes, I'm on Morgan's side, and yes, Pratt acted like a pratt (and seemed to be an Anglo hater as well, ugh...) and had ridiculous arguments and started the interruptions that set the tone for the interview. But Morgan completely dropped the ball by letting Pratt state, essentially, that no gun accidents claim lives. Morgan should have pounced on that -- we read that every day. Multiply that by every school teacher, and multiply the number of kids who might stumble on a gun and play with it, and it's a recipe for disaster. Nevermind that fact that I'm guessing most school teachers want nothing to do with bringing guns into schools.
The scariest bit so far, is Pratt clearly making the point that this was an "evil" young man, and that the distinction was important, because if you believe in "evil in the world" as opposed to, I don't know, societal failure and mental illness, than you protect yourself - with a gun.
claiming that the murder rate in the middle of fucking nowhere bumfuck murka is lower than europe countries is SOPHISTRY. the rate is higher in cities because THAT'S WHERE PEOPLE ARE.
@ 18 - Yeah, that got to me, too.. I've heard that a lot in my office in the few days...

And I really don't think we need to get all metaphysical to explain that a rot-brained individual who had immense firepower in his house went off the rails... No spooky external "eeeeevil" influence needed...

How about if his mom had just had fewer, or no guns? How about if his mom hadn't had a frickin military-grade assault rifle on hand? Might that have made a difference??

@ 12 - I think you're exactly right. It's that oversized dinosaur brainbit that so many conservatives sport, that sets their world view, that convinces them that they are under attack AT ALL TIMES... that causes them to buy 100+ round clips for their military-grade assault rifles.... fuck
Yeah, the question I kept wanting to hear someone ask this guy (Pratt) is: ok, you think the solution to people shooting us with guns is to be allowed to carry guns wherever we want so we can shoot them first. What if I DON'T WANT to live in a place where I need to arm myself and potentially kill someone else in order to be reasonably secure that I won't be killed myself? Is this really what it's come to, that Americans must assume they need to arm themselves and kill or be killed? I support your freedom to arm yourself if you think that's necessary, but what do we do about the fact that it might be getting increasingly necessary?
Obviously an NRA lackey floating this idea of arming teachers. Now we know what the NRA is going to suggest on Friday. They want to float this idea and measure its appeal. But they're too cowardly to suggest it first. Hope this guy's paycheck was huge.
Pratt erroneously assumes the teachers would have been crack shots and taken the killer out with one shot like on TV. That's BS. Maybe the teacher would take a shot at the killer and hit a child.
I want a bazooka, Mr. Pratt. I mean - why not? Isn't bazooka control gun control?