First of all, the answer should be yes because it's fucking delightful! Not to quote myself or anything but:

It opens with a gift to the audience: Hostess DeLaCreme announces that for one night, straights become honorary homosexuals. "The gift of gay is the greatest gift I have to give," she trills as a cast stocked with Dickensian waifs, Twink Jesus, bare-naked Candy, and a triumphantly hairless Gingerbread Man break into refrains of "It's the most wonderful time to be queer."

The cast makes good on its gift by forcing audience members to embrace Christmas with a level of passion and camp that's otherwise missing in Seattle's theater scene. (I've sat through six Christmas shows this season, and only Homo joins my perennial favorite, Dina Martina, in my cold little heart.)

Now that you're ready to buy your tickets based solely on the power of my enthusiasm, please note that we totally fucked up the showtime in this week's print edition of Suggests. Homo is playing at Odd Fellows West Hall at 7pm and 10pm on December 21, 22, 23, and 24 (not 8pm). We regret the error. Get your tickets here!