The Stevens Pass Avalanche, in Six Parts


Kick ass story and great format.
Thoughtful design and incorporation of enriching graphic elements like that, along with interesting subject matter, will be what finally convinces me to get electronic-format subscriptions to newspapers or magazines. Most everybody else insists on serving up a migraine-inducing jumble that has to be throttled back with browser settings and AdBlock.
RIP chris, Jim. I miss you guys.
Wow, so did I just see the future of Web publishing? I would love e-books to look like this.
Avalanche tragedies don't need any more goddamn glamorization. It's that kind of mentality in the snow sports industry that took one of my best friends away from me for ever.

Fuck all you gapers and your uninformed glee over one of the most horrific events ever to happen to the snow community.
Sorry about your friend, @6, but people I have known lost their lives trying to find off-piste pow hounds.

If anything gets glamorized, it's the heedless antics that put backcountry rescue crews in danger, not the avalanches and searches they trigger.