State Senator Pam Roach Was Not Held Up in the Philippines


Send her some roses.
Imagine that! The SAME thing happened to a friend of mine in London last year! What a coincidence!
I hope McKenna also got this email.
@1 FTW!
I can personally vouch for the Senator's whereabouts the evening of December 17th. She was at this charity fundraiser:…
I was seated to her left.

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles and another female Senator where supposed to be there, but didn't make it. Perhaps the Philippines have claimed a different lady legislator from our fair state?
In a related story, you should not send that African prince your bank account number and birthdate.
Republicans need to realize "Wasilla" never was a good password, and it certainly isn't any more.

Also, stop using Ronald Reagan's birthday.
Beware of people on Craigslist who want to give you an extra $50 in your certified check.
@6 good advice. I just sent him a copy of my passport instead ...
We all know it couldn't possibly be the real Pam Roach because she wouldn't be asking for money. She'd want ammo.
I don't understand how The Cockroach even gets to travel out of the country. Surely she's packing heat wherever she goes? She's the one who drew her pistol and waved it around on the floor of the state Senate, threatening to shoot Democrats, remember?

I've heard from someone who knows the legislature pretty well that MOST Republican lawmakers are carrying concealed weapons on the floors of the legislature. This is what we're up against.
I saw a story on one of the TV stations this week that someone was sending the same kind of e-mail to friends and associates of Governor Gregoire. Apparently it's a new theme.