These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (in 2012)


Yeah, too bad her music is so horrible!
I don't know anything about Pink, but agreed on Dolly Parton. She's unbelievably charming on talk shows and is still an energetic performer. (Last year, at the age of 65, she went on a 20-week tour of 49 shows.)

She is fantasy dinner guest #1 in my book.

Like from 2000?

If you release an album called I'm Not Dead doesn't that pretty much confirm, that yes, you are, artistically.

@3 If the album is subsequently overplayed on every pop station in the nation, then maybe not?

I don't care about music in general (tone def) but I'm pretty sure for a pop star she has maintained the spotlight a bit longer than most.
True story - I sold Pink a Best of Dolly Parton LP (w/ poster!)
a few years back....she was very nice.
Holy shit that performance gave me a serious case of goosebumps! Thank you for sharing. I'm indifferent to Pink's music, but after she wrote that Dear Mr. President song she can do no wrong in my book. I think she's amazing.
Pink is underrated?
You have GOT to be kidding me. Pink is pop fluff. Gross.
@8- all I hear when I read that comment is a fart noise.
Seriously, get over yourselves. Pop music can be good, interesting, and dare I say, artistic. Pink is a fundamentally good performer. She, along with Robyn, are prime examples of how fun, entertaining, and emotionally satisfying good pop music can be.
I'm with you, #9. (Duh.)
Whoa... That was a fairly accurate depiction-in-dance of my last relationship.... especially the flamey bits..
She's got a very powerful voice, and though she's not a composer and there is a lot of production in her songs, she chooses well, and sings like she means it. She's got killer looks and this new gymnastics thing is fascinating. She's sung against Bush, she's stood up for gay rights, for animal rights, and you sense that she's calling her own shots. I think she's awesome. The real deal.
I was kind of shocked when I saw this post, just because I knew that comments like those above were coming. When we really think about what art is supposed to do, which is make contact with the many different fibers of our hearts, I've always thought that Pink has done that (if not only after she started calling her own shots, which wasn't always the case). Pink is authentically Pink, I think, and that makes a difference. It really does. Kudos, David!
That was not only entertaining, but unexpectedly impressive. The dance routine was anything but pop. That there was some first-rate modern dance. There are some very serious professional performers working in dance theater who could never have pulled off that routine. The strength, precision, and form were outstanding. And, she sings.
I didn't listen to the song at all - fantastic modern dance moves - fabulous physical performance. Bravo. I don't watch awards shows so thanks for posting this.
She rocks.