Moved up because (1) THERE'S STILL TIME TO ENTER! And (2) We have a winner of our Victoria, BC, trip! See below...


Good news, everyone! So far, we have raised $11,035 in the Slog vs. People Who Are So Mad They Call Us Up to Shout at Us Holiday Charity Challenge! That's so great! And it's not over yet—there's still plenty of time to donate to Northwest Harvest. To give you an extra little push, we're giving away a pair of Bumbershoot tickets to one lucky donor!

All you have to do is make a donation to Northwest Harvest. Then send the receipt to, along with a sentence or two about why you'd love to win the Bumbershoot tickets, and you'll be entered in the contest!

Contest ends at midnight tonight, so DONATE NOW!

Remember, it costs only 67 cents to feed a family of three a meal through Northwest Harvest. GIVE TO NORTHWEST HARVEST NOW and send us your commenter handle along with your receipt, and we'll set you up with a SWASHBUCKLING HERO badge.

And our Victoria, BC, winner is Laurel! Read her submission after the jump:

"Though I'm just half Canadian, I love Canada like a real Canuck. The first time I got drunk was in a campground on Vancouver Island, wearing a toque, drinking Molson, on my 19th birthday. A ranger politely tapped on our tent, saying, "Other campers have asked you to keep it down, eh?" I fucking love Canada so much that I got married at the Canadian border. My husband said, "We could get married in Seattle!" I said, "PICTURES IN FRONT OF THE CANADIAN FLAG FLOWER BED." I've lived in San Diego for 7.5 years. Help me return to my roots."

Aww! CUTE! Have an amazing Canadian adventure, lovebirds.