UPDATE: The splendid people of Slog are STILL DONATING even though the Charity Challenge officially ended yesterday... the new total is $12,140. You are MAGIC ELVES, all of you!

Two hundred and thirty-one of us lovely people donated to Northwest Harvest to help feed hungry people here in Washington state. And let us state for the record: Slog is magical. Thank you, thank you, everyone.

And the winner of the final contest for the Charity Challenge 2012—that's dinner for two at lovely Olivar, courtesy of Dine Around Seattle, a bunch of tickets to see great movies at the Northwest Film Forum, one water pipe from Piece of Mind (can we call it a bong now that it's legal?), and one Seattle Rain Globe—is... Enigma! Here is what Enigma said:

This is the first year in five years I won't be seeing my family for the holidays—being unemployed makes traveling difficult. A few movie passes and a nice dinner at a swank place would be a nice change to the monotony of Top Ramen and Netflix.

YAY, and happy merry everything, everybody!