"No, not undersexed and overweight hairy gay men," says John at Americablog. "But rather, cute and fuzzy little white teddy bears that a girl can hug and cuddle with when she feels that special urge to kiss the hot stud down the street."

There's a special pocket in the neck of "Boyfriend Bear" where a girl can tuck letters, photos, and momentos. (And maybe something she wants to hide from her parents? Condoms? Birth control pills? Vibrators? Or is her Boyfriend Bear's neck the first place a chaste girl's parents would go snooping?) Girls are encouraged to "hug and cuddle" their bears while waiting for "future husbands" to come along. Boyfriend Bears:

The purpose of our Boyfriend Bear is to hold love, kisses, prayers, and a special letter! He is a visual and huggable reminder to stay pure, not just another stuffed bear to toss in the corner... We wrote a letters to our future husbands and tucked them away in our Boyfriend Bear’s secret pocket. It is our hope that you will do the same when you are ready. Some things we included in our letters were our current interests, a school picture, favorite Bible verses, and promises to Him. We can’t wait to give our Boyfriend Bears to our husbands on our wedding day and read these special letters with him.

Two thoughts:

1. Future Plushophiles of America.

2. Girls: If your future husband is the least bit excited about being presented with a Boyfriend Bear on your wedding night, congratulations! You married an "ex-gay"!

Go read John's breakdown of the "Boyfriend Bear Process." A teaser: "An hour and 45 minute long PowerPoint presentation? Dear God, it’s Gitmo for teenage girls."