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I kind of wish President Obama had interrupted that NFL broadcast again.
Shooting at Bellevue's munchbar. Seahawks players apparently in the vicinity?…
The best comment I read about the DUI was:

Crapo shitfaced? What a turd!
The Moral Arc of the Universe demands that Potheads call out Mormons who drink.....
@4, the moral arc of the universe demands that all hypocrites be called out. And morons. Moron.
@2 I went to that place once for happy hour when I briefly worked in Bellevue. It was astonishingly awful; all the servers were coked up or just hopeless, the glassy were dirty and the food looked like it was fried in month-old oil. Everything about it was sketchy, dirty and depressing.
Romney's burning desire to be President was the only thing about him I thought was real.
And the Denver Broncos won too!

Their last game is at home, against the hapless Kansas City Chiefs... worst team in the league. I wonder if the Broncos will keep Manning in?
an OS upgrade has to be the worst xmas present ever.
@2 I can't get past the name "Munchbar". Fucking seriously? Maybe if everyone at MUNCHBAR had guns tragedy could have been avoided.
As patsy Cline said, "Stop the world and let me off!"
Rmoney was only running for president to help the needy. Himself.
100% of the limit set by the Mormon Church...presumably zero, is, um zero.
What a bunch of crap from Tagg. This is just another step in the Romney's process of climbing down from Crazy Mountain. Sour grapes. "Oh, he didn't want it anyway." Yeah, right. The job he's been working on for the past eight years, he didn't want it, really.

What's next? Bargaining? Anger? I forget.
Romney comes out sounding like the little kid who says Oh well I didn't want it anyway after fighting for possession of a breakable toy all afternoon and losing to the baby sister of his friend. The Republicans couldn't have been less enthusiastic about that man if they'd literally turned their backs on him at the Convention. He certainly didn't have to run.
Gee suddenly that 6th highest growth rate makes sense...all those Medina contributions must have paid off.
Windows sales.

Article comes out showing decline in sales for Microsoft.

Pundits leap into action decrying the death of the PC and monolithic "software empires".

Quarterly report then comes out and shows record revenues.

Everyone crawls off to look for another ambulance to chase.

Win win.
Mitt's sons remarks at first are surprising, but make a lot of sense as one looks back at the campaign.

Did Obama give Matt Romney a cell phone?
@ 9, given that they could end up with the third seed (no first round bye) if they lose and New England wins, Manning will start. John Fox doesn't like to tempt fate. (They'll pull him once they're up 35-0, about halfway through the second quarter.)
First Larry Craig and now Mike Crapo. Idaho Senators don't seem to be able to behave themselves.
Shooter kills two fireman to outdo other crazy people so Goldfucker will print his name in the paper. Congratulations, Goldy, take a bow.
Good point. I forget the AFC still has a bit of competition even this late.
So Goldy, how does any of this show that law-abiding folks should have their guns taken away from them?

1. The man who murdered and wounded firefighters in New York spent 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother. As a convicted felon, it was illegal for him to own any firearm, or for anyone to transfer a firearm to him.

2. The young woman killed by Tacoma Police after pointing a handgun at them had been arrested and charged in Pierce County Superior Court with several felonies. The county prosecutor conditionally dismissed the charges in September 2012 in exchange for the woman participating in a diversion probation program -- which should have included a prohibition on the woman possessing any firearms.

3. Unclear what happened in Auburn, but knives are very effective murder weapons as well. Knives in Mexico kill more people per capita than guns in the USA. In fact, despite very stringent gun control in Mexico (including absolute ban on assault weapons in private hands), firearms in Mexico also kill more people per capita than firearms in the USA.

The first two scenarios in today's tragic news simply show that we do a piss-poor job of enforcing existing firearms laws -- which very stringently prohibit criminals from possessing firearms.

As for the bar murder in Bellevue, Washington state law makes bars "gun free" zones. It is illegal to carry a firearm in a bar, even with a CWP. This law makes a lot of sense, and I definitely think it should stay on the books. But it won't stop a determined killer.
Go home, Senator, you're drunk.

Hey, I'm just saving everyone the trouble of wondering when the stupid overused meme would get trotted out...
@ 24, who is proposing "taking guns away" from "law abiding folk" ?

There's also the implication that Tagg Romney is surrounded by people who want to be president. So either he's lying (duh), or all the Romneys and their friends and acquaintances are megalomaniacs, which actually wouldn't surprise me.
Goldy, what is your source that Crapo is a Bishop?
RE: Deportations.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and speculate that most illegal immigrants in Washington state are from Canada and therefore are white. The U.S. isn't concerned with deporting white people. It's only the brown ones that rile up American anti-immigrant feelings.
@24 Yeah, an ex-con obtained a gun. How'd that happen? Might it have something to do with the GIANT GAPING LOOPHOLE that allows about 40% of all US gun sales to go without a background check? The loophole that the NRA is dead set against closing even though over 90% of the public supports closing it? Try using your noggin for a moment before you post!
Here you go @28 (literally every source says it).…