Their outrage is about more than the recent gang rape that was so brutal it damaged her intestines. It's about the day-to-day ways that women are denigrated that women are now protesting:

In a speech with a translation that’s going viral, Kavita Krishnan captures the pulse of India’s outrage right now. She’s the secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association. The gang rape was brutal, yes, but so is the coded language used to discuss how to keep women safe.

…the word ‘safety’ with regard to women has been used far too much — all us women know what this ‘safety’ refers to, we have heard our parents use it, we have heard our communities, our principals, our wardens use it. Women know what ‘safety’ refers to. It means – You behave yourself. You get back into the house. You don’t dress in a particular way. Do not live by your freedom, and this means that you are safe. A whole range of patriarchal laws and institutions tell us what to do in the guise of keeping us ‘safe’. We reject this entire notion. We don’t want it.

More Indian women are reporting rapes and yet, Krishnan says, the conviction rate for rapists has declined from 46 percent in 1971 to 26 percent in 2012.

For every asshole in comments who blithely insists that women just need to be better educated on when and where they can go out in public safely, or how they should dress to discourage rape, or the various weapons they should be carrying to prevent their own public rapings, I suggest you go read Krishnan's speech.