For the First Time in US History, Blacks May Have Voted at a Higher Rate than Whites


just to be clear, "higher rate" right? as in if you join my church i'll show an 100% increase in membership ...still, more diverse voting is good. monoculture: bad. hybrids always stronger.
Hey, remember when Dan Savage said a higher turn out of black voters was why Prop 8 passed? What does his racist ass have to say now?
9 million more voting age people but 2 million fewer voters.

Cause America is soooo excited about 4 more years of Obama.

In fact
Obama dropped several percentage points
and a handful of states
compared to 2008.
(that's a first for a President winning reelection, btw...)

Fewer votes, fewer states, fewer electoral votes;
that's your mandate, asswipes.

suck it.
Mandatory voting. We need mandatory voting. Make everybody vote, and change the "get out the vote" or "stop the vote" camps.
Just wait until we have an election where neither candidate is black.

@4: You ignorant fuck. Red states suck up more subsidies and welfare per capita than blue states. We liberal city dwellers are paying for your phone, mail service, schools, road-building and maintenance, and we're also paying for all the cheese balls that you uneducated, unemployable rednecks can't afford to buy for the litters of honey-boo-boo children your monstrous women squeeze out of their twat-caves.

And what do you do? Bite the hand that feeds you like one of the abused dogs you keep chained to a tree outside your trailer. Beyond pathetic.

I will gladly cut you worthless, freeloading country fucks off the welfare teat at any time.
Just wait until we have an election where neither candidate is white.
Just wait until we have an election where neither candidate believes in God.
I'm never voting for a straight white male again, if it can at all be helped. We had thousands of years to do it right and we've moved at a goddamn snail's pace, we've done the bare fucking minimum of progress. We fucked it up and it behooves us to move on.
@3: Wow, really? Well, at least we didn't lose seats in both Houses of Congress, fail to take the Presidency, and squander the anti-incumbent sentiment of a weak economy. Man, if a major political party did that, they must really have egg on their face. Suck it.
Cause America is soooo excited about 4 more years of Obama.

There's excitement and there's excitement. Republicans always hated Obama and never got why America went with him in the first place, so they took every sign of disappointment or disillusionment to mean that she was sick of his sorry ass and wanted him out the door.

Really, the honeymoon wore off. The honeymoon always wears off. It wore off particularly hard this time because of all the Republican obstructionism, nutty teapartierism, etc. It's a good thing Obama is so much smarter and more capable than his opponents, because he has to be in order to get ANYTHING done.

I'm more excited about four more years of Obama than I was by four more years of Clinton, and that's saying something. And there's nothing like the threat of a guy like Romney to get people excited about four more years of Obama.

I am really cheered by the stat about black voters because it means voter suppression backfired hugely, and it makes the election feel like the climax of an inspirational based-on-a-true-story Oscar-bait movie.

I see a montage of people waiting in long lines, volunteers showing up to drive people to the polls and babysit their children, a number of sad but heartwarming little vignettes about people who almost didn't get to vote... and as the numbers come pouring in, we get a recreation of Karl Rove's meltdown regarding Ohio, only this is a semi-fictionalized account, so in the movie we know for a fact that he was engaged in vote-fixing, instead of just suspecting that he was. And he's played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

And of course in the movie we will get to linger a good, long time on his anguish as his world comes crashing down, as he realizes the people who are coming to take it out of his hide, as he realizes the limits of his own power, that he lost another one. Then we see him on the phone, trying to explain. "We did everything we could. But we could only guarantee a close election."
Hey Troll, you realize you're stupid, right? And since so few intelligent conservatives post here (and no intelligent teabaggers post here, because none exist) -- you do realize that you continue to reinforce the idea that all conservatives are stupid.

Is that your plan, troll? Are you some super-sneaky progressive double-agent working to dumb down the opposition to ensure their continual defeat in election after election? Good job, man, it's working!
@6 You realize this is the 2nd time he has run, correct?

Higher turnout of blacks shouldn't be attributed to Obama. Tea Baggers can have all the credit for that one by trying to enact voter suppression bullshit. I know more people who went to vote this year solely to spit in the face of voter ID over anything else.
@6 I can't wait until we have an election where neither candidate is white.
Do it.
spare us your sputtering slobbering threats.

instead your boy claimed a landslide, pouted when congress didn't roll over and play dead for the Potentate and ran off to Hawaii. because lounging in a tropical paradise is how leaders show the nation that we are all in this together.....
your President is lazy and deluded.

you are lucky to have such low expectations and to be so easily pleased.
Obama will doubtless play down to your diminished aspirations for the country. and future generations will thank you.

now if only we could get America working.....
@1 Higher rate as in "a larger percentage of elligible black voters voted in this election than elligible white voters."
Troll, until you can write like a normal adult, your ramblings have the weight of a street drunk's deepest insight.
@16 Have you looked at the final numbers for the election? Winning all but one swing state is pretty much a landslide.

Taking a Christmas vacation to his home state? WHAT A FUCKER, RIGHT?

And how quickly we forget Bush. 32% of his time in office was spent on vacation.

You bubble grows smaller and smaller each day. Eventually you will have to come out of it or it will suffocate you.

my my

it is so embarrassing to see the soft racism of lowered expectations so prominently displayed.
"The bad news for Republicans is that this leaves these increasingly Democratic groups with plenty of room to grow their electoral influence beyond mere population growth alone."


yah indeed.

voters you've got.

taxpayers? not so much......