Slog Poll: Who'd You Rather Drink With?


Few will understand "take away his planet" - Boffo!
OK, I think that Albertson's guy needs to be on Slog as well.
Choosing to drive drunk is not a mistake.A mistake is typing their instead of they're. He's a hypocrit and probably miscontrues "your and you're" as well.
I'm conflicted about this poll. I'd rather tap dance through a leather bar during the Folsom St. Fair than any of the options given.

As far as I'm concerned, Mormons are already in their own living hell. Far be it from me to pronounce any more judgement on them. (They are idiots.)
I voted "none of the above".
Your dad sounds like an asshole. I don't drink with assholes.
With a name like "Crappo," what'd you expect?
Voted for Cienna's dad, but would rather hang out with "some guy at Albertson's", just to find out if he's an ex-Mormon, because my money says he is. Anyone who comes up with John Rootbeer Smith and the planet thing in one sentence has given this topic a lot of thought.
I voted for Cienna's Dad because the other two were much worse choices, but I would have picked "Albertson's guy" if he were on the list.
I'd rather drink alone, aka just another Friday night.
Agreed with @8 and @9.
Holy shit, they get their own planet? Where do I sign up?

Cienna's dad, by default.
I love how "bio dad" makes him sound kinda... toxic..
Completely unsurprised the poll is as unbalanced as it is.
Albertsons guy can't be an ex-Mormon because he would know it's Joseph Rootbeer Smith, not John Rootbeer Smith.
i'd vote for albertson's guy if he was real.
@12 Yes, you become your own god if you make it into the highest kingdom. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if Mormon's did have it right. They don't really have a Hell persay. (They have "Outer Darkness" but murderers and rapists don't even go there the only way to get there is to deny God's existence to his face or something like that.)

Joseph Smith said that the lowest kingdom where the rapists and murderers go is so much better than earth that any man who saw it in all its glory would instantly kill themselves to get there.

Yes, I am from Utah and know waaaaaaay too much about Mormonism.
At least Crapo didn't say "I am not drunk. I never have been drunk."

By the way, Crapo sounds like the worst clown name ever.
The 6th Marx Brother.
I'm voting for Albertson's guy
Ref. to @3 "Hypocrit" instead of "hypocrite" is another example of a mistake.
i don't know anyone's been able to ascertain that cienna's dad is an asshole. hell we're just drinking, so i'd prolly toss a couple of tumblers of brown liquor with him over those other clowns. ( beer makes me puffy ). now MY
dad ?.. an asshole. like it was his JOB. and .like the temptations song says ' ..and when he died, all he left us was alone..' or was it a 'loan'..that part's always confused me.
5 DUIs = Asshole.
Not funny.

Drunk driving is serious. He could have killed someone.

If he'd been caught carrying an illegal gun, would you make gun jokes and a poll about who you'd like to go shooting with?
I'd rather drink with Cienna. Poor girl spending the holidays in Idaho needs someone sane to drink with.
@21: also "miscontrues" :)

Nex' roun'sh on me.
How do we know he was drinking like a man? He might've been drinking cosmos, and holding the glass with his pinkie extended!