Catholic Priest Pinpoints Triggers for Domestic Violence: Women get beat because scantily clad wives keep "leaving children to themselves, having filthy houses, serving cold meals, buying fast food and providing dirty clothes," as Jesus surely whispered in his ear.

Christmas Spirit, Up in Flames: A 67-year-old homeless woman was sleeping on the same bus stop bench she'd slept on for over a decade Thursday morning when "a man came out of a nearby drug store, doused her with a flammable liquid and set her ablaze."

All This Cliff Talk is Making Me Dizzy: But if you want to read about the latest last-ditch attempt in Congress to reach an agreement on the tax breaks, etc, that are set to expire on Dec. 31 at the stroke of midnight, here you go.

151 Victims: Mother Jones walks you through "the worst year of gun rampages in modern US history."

Putin Signs Russian Ban on US Adoptions: The ban was pushed through by "conjuring up an image of American adoptive parents as sinister hunters of transplant organs, child sex slaves and sacrificial soldiers for foreign aggressions, perhaps even against Russia." It takes effect January 1.

Gasp: "Police investigating mysterious death of Pacific Northwest yo-yo champion in Arizona..."

Remember How Seattle Started 2012 with 20 Gun-Related Homicides in the Space of a Sneeze? Fingers crossed, we're rounding out the year with 26 homicides total, which is tragic but average for our city.

Here's a Depressing List in a Sea of Year-End Lists: A Swedish computer science student has assembled a list of the most viewed Wikipedia pages of 2012, creating a rough guide "to the things people want to know about that they don’t want others to know they want to know about." In-deed.

Bridge Tolls Coming to I-90? A year after WSDOT began tolling drivers across the 520 bridge, the department announced that in 2013, it will look at expanding tolling to the I-90 bridge.

Petition to Designate Westboro Church as a Hate Group Takes White House by Storm: "The individual push has since received the support of nearly 250,000 signees, making it the most popular single petition ever created through the White House initiative."

And finally, here are the 10 most viral videos of 2012, just in case you're brand new to the internet.