While I've been shamelessly exploiting the tragedy in Newtown, responsible patriots like the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation have been responsibly inundating their email lists with responsible appeals for money:

I write this with the upmost urgency. The gun haters have stepped up their time table and are pulling out all the stops - on multiple fronts - to strip us of our guns, our right to protect our families and forfeit any shred of our Second Amendment rights over to the full control of the anti-gun United Nations.

Unless you and I act today, the anti-gun extremists could get away with undermining the Second Amendment.

Oh no! The gun haters are coming to take away our guns! If only we had some sort of weapon to defend our guns from these dangerous unarmed radicals! Better send $29.95 to this guy in Bellevue before it's too late!

And via another email, I just learned this frightening tidbit from Damien Campbell of the Liberty Alliance:

P.S. I found this interesting... Off-The-Grid-News is reporting that FEMA recently made a request for 420 Million more emergency food rations. What's so strange about that? FEMA normally maintains around 6 Million food reserves. Why go from 6 Million to 420 Million so fast? What is FEMA planning for?

I dunno, what is the Federal Emergency Management Agency planning for? An emergency? What does FEMA know that we don't know? *

I'm so scared!

* [And no, I couldn't actually find a reputable source to confirm that FEMA is actually stockpiling 420 million meals... unless you consider the Messianic Times a reputable source.]