Lost your house? Out of work? Still struggling to recover from the Great Recession? Well now, thanks to the editors of the Wall Street Journal, you know exactly who to blame for all your problems:

More than four years after the 2008 panic, the U.S. economy still hasn't rebounded to its normal potential growth trend. So the legacy of one of the main culprits—Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency, who announced Thursday she is resigning—must include the millions of Americans who can't find a job or haven't seen their incomes rise.

That's right, it's not the banksters or the speculators or the bailout babies or the Federal Reserve governors who wouldn't know a $6 trillion real estate bubble if it bit them in the ass who are responsible for our economic woes; it's EPA administrator Lisa Jackson! If not for Jackson and her economy-busting crusade to increase fuel efficiency standards and limit smokestack emissions, we'd all be rolling in dough right now. Wheezing for breath with every roll, but rolling in dough nonetheless.

Hard to believe they're that stupid, so I'll just have to assume that they're just a bunch of lying sacks of shit.